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  1. It's all been 'weighed in' by the contractors...
  2. Thanks! Good job I posted. It's for a D-Type O/D...
  3. I'm planning on trying this circuit to drop the O/D out between shifts. Feel free to comment...
  4. I remember seeing photos of the bikes on the Sulby Straight (at the TT) with the fairings deformed by the air pressure at +185mph. Can't be good for aerodynamics...
  5. Sorry! On reflection that choice of title could have been better...
  6. For those getting withdrawal symptoms from Project Binky, try Fanatik Builds on YouTube. A 'simple' GT6 restoration transforms over several years into something a whole lot more involved. All in a single car garage. Enjoy....
  7. I've done a few without any real drama, same as Roger. Just make sure you have plenty of room on the side you are withdrawing the spring. it's no fun starting the job in a single garage and realising your mistake half way through!
  8. Once broke a finger during the warm up for a hockey match. Had to play because we only had 9 players. Won the match 4-1, then cut my wedding ring off with a pair of wire cutters (wife not impressed!) Ended my playing career after dis-locating my shoulder twice. Hockey goalkeepers are an odd bunch....
  9. Sepang and Motegi from the far east, and I'll claim Donnington Park seeing as nobody else has.
  10. Is it Monza that looks like a paperclip?
  11. The trouble with space is that you tend to fill it with more projects (or "crap" as my wife would call it)!
  12. Triumph Club SoCal on Facebook have posted some nice photos from various sources.
  13. Daily ration packs for the military used to contain 3 sheets of 'Izal' toilet paper. I think the same methodology was supposed to be employed. Something about fingernails...?!
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