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  1. Wow! thanks for sharing that link, it is astounding. Don’t think I should read any more of that forum…I will get no work done at all Ian
  2. This evening in Wick parked outside a guest house….. L is for Luxembourg? Ian
  3. It was reported last Friday that the hydrogen powered buses serving Aberdeen city have reached one million miles of use Ian
  4. On this rather dull dreich morning in Wick town centre, something did rather catch my eye....... I don't remember these cars at all but for some reason I imagine them being either black or grey so this blue is rather striking. At a guess, I'd suggest it is being used for the NC500. We do see (and hear) a lot of classics and (hired?) sports cars here through the summer months Ian
  5. Been talked about for a while now, at last a date for hydrogen production in Easter Ross…2024 There is a lot happening in the Cromarty Firth as the transition from oil gets under way. Along with parked up oil rigs are the bright yellow offshore wind turbine jackets. Major port expansion and the construction of three factories. Not the far away, at Ardersier the port and fabrication facilities are being repurposed for the renewables industry Ian
  6. Just last year in June… This is looking from the Black Chest to the Five Sisters of Kintail, Wester Ross This is the day before, near the summit of Blaven on the Isle of Skye, (obviously) looking towards the Black Cuillins! The dreich weather cleared later on that day We are so lucky to stay in a country with such spectacular scenery Ian
  7. Thanks for this Nick We do rather take for granted all the advice and expertise freely available on ye olde internet. On the subject of brake master cylinder bore diameters, Dolomites use the same size brakes as GT6s, but have a 13/16” BMC bore… It is popular to upgrade the fronts to use Ford calipers, which really needs a 7/8” BMC (I have a Saab 99 unit for this)…. Mind you with the bigger brakes fitted a servo hardly is needed …? Ian
  8. I think the offset is different but a Dolomite 1850 has 4.5J wheels and as it is for the spare may be worth considering? Ian
  9. Ah well, took the plunge and spent £30 on a year’s subscription to Discovery Plus. Alas all is not well, I can only view on the iPad, if I try to mirror screen it puts up this error message It is not a problem with the iPad because all the other apps work! I can view the programmes on the iPad so I am wondering if I should just buy an adapter and use an HDMI lead? However before I do that, I have emailed Discovery Plus so await their response thanks Ian
  10. Does anyone use the Discovery + app via a streaming device? I would like to watch documentaries from the Discovery channel. To this end I have downloaded the app onto my iPad so I can use AirPlay mirror screening to view on the TV (via a Roku streaming device). It was quite a flaff to get the app up and going, but now, having done so I discovered (no pun intended) I have to subscribe to use, which is not unreasonable. However my concern is that the app may not be very good given the aforementioned flaff setting it up? Any thoughts please? Thanks Ian
  11. Brexit…. There are kegs of beer in the pub, but alas nobody can drink said beer because there is no Suremix. Ian
  12. A general observation, if I may…… Many years ago I was told the first thing to check for in such a circumstance is a poor engine earth. (If the earth is really bad the car will struggle to start) Ian
  13. A Stewart EMP electric coolant pump operates at 200 litres/minute. They are rated at 10,000 hours You can either buy direct from Stewart or from Summit Racing. It is slightly cheaper from Summit because their carriage cost includes import duty. When fitting an electric coolant pump you need to consider the thermostat and the operation of the car heater. My experience of Davies Craig is entirely negative and that is being kind Ian
  14. It is disappointing that Roglic has been forced to retire, I was looking forward to seeing him battle to be the best Slovenian. It does rather look as though the race will now be for second and third behind Pogacar. The ITV4 coverage is really good. Ian
  15. The nearest same day test facility to me is Conon Bridge Pharmacy. It costs £432 (including VAT) for the same day test Ian
  16. ☺️When I first glanced at this thread’s title I thought Project Blinky had been removed from You Tube The GT6 project is, to use the modern term, awesome Ian
  17. Thanks for posting this. I looked this up and it looks like it could work on a Dolomite too? Anyhow, the heater blower I ordered from Car Builder Solutions has arrived, having paid for it I am sticking with it and it will fit into a modified housing with space to clear within the engine bay, albeit it won't look standard. Ian.
  18. Yes Nick, none of the lights work. There is a fuse and it is okay. I have done the google thingie but couldn't find a wiring diagram. Will investigate further (possibly next week) and report back. Thanks, Ian
  19. Envoy 8 mobility scooter has inoperative lights. A friend of mine has acquired a secondhand mobility scooter to use until he learns to walk with an artificial leg. The scooter has not been used for a long time but is in good condition. Everything works as it should except for the lights, there are indicators, hazards, tail lights and a headlight although the dashboard warning lights all work correctly. I removes the battery cover and found that the back lights were not connected. Alas plugging them in has made no difference. I feel the next step is to investigate the dashboard and associated wiring? Any thoughts or suggestions please? Thanks Ian
  20. Thank you Roger for posting the link and thank you Nick for confirming the Golf option and suggesting the Nissan one. I have been giving this some thought. A standard Dolomite heater matrix is puny and on cold days even a Dolomite blower on top speed will cool the heater output rendering it useless. On the lower speed it doesn't clear the windscreen very quickly. An option I considered was fitting a 120mm cooling fan into the existing housing but I think this will be too powerful so a potentiometer would also be necessary to slow down the flow of air. This makes me think buying a three speed unit will be more sensible, pricewise at least.... https://www.carbuilder.com/uk/3-speed-squirrel-cage-heater-fan (This type is in the link you posted Roger, but I will use CBS because I need other bits and pieces too.) A friend of mine had, not one but, four derelict mark 2 Golfs outside his house. When the stay at home order was lifted I checked and they are now all gone! I could have got a heater fan from him to trial fit, I am not convinced there is enough room in the engine for the motor (I am fitting a Volvo header tank in an exact location to get it as high as practical, I am thinking the two will clash). The squirrel cage heater blower will be possible to fit into the Dolomite housing, so that is what I think I will go for. thanks, Ian
  21. Looking rather sorry for itself is this heater fan from my Dolomite Sprint. These don’t give a great performance really so I am wondering about an upgrade? It is possible to get decent heat from the standard heater, eventually that is, but screen demisting is pretty poor. I have already upgraded the heater (at least I hope I have) by replacing the heater matrix with one from a VW Transporter so I am thinking, to take fuller advantage of of this, a better fan is a good idea. Space is a bit tight, the diameter of the aperture in the casing is 11cm, the fan impeller is 7.5cm deep and the motor is 7.5cm high. I have read that an MGB and Sprint use the same heater fan and that folk convert MGs to a VW Golf fan. A google search suggests a Golf mark 2 part no. 191819021. Alternatively I could use a universal fan and ducting (from Car Builder Solutions)? Any thoughts or experiences of this please? thanks, Ian
  22. A solution to the problem..... It was the front flexible hoses that were to blame. As we were in a “stay at home” lockdown I left the car until now. I had already replaced the back ones last year with some difficulty (had to also renew two brake pipes which in turn involved removing heat shields..) so wasn’t much fancying tackling the front hoses, but as it turned out this was really easy. thanks Ian
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