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  1. That modsports dark coloured GT6 sounded gorgeous, does anyone know anything about the car and its owner? Eddie Wilkins was out in his Spitfire, looked as I remember it when I used to go and watch sprints at Gurston and other such places.
  2. I am sad to read that John has encountered stuffiness. I am always amazed to hear of such things. As some might know, I am the main organiser of Club Triumph's RBRR event and I pull upon help from three or four of the other Triumph clubs, namely TR Reg, TSSC and 2000/2500 Reg and it must be said that I don't encounter any problems, in fact the enthusiasm from them is very good. Nigel Hill and Chris Gunby volunteered last time to run the John o'Groats control and for the forthcoming event, will run the new control at Falls of Shin near Lairg in Scotland. No mean feat considering they live
  3. Jacob, Classic and Modern at Bracknell did the machining for the engine in my GT6, all fine. As you know, that goes well. Well worth using, not the cheapest, but they have a good reputation.
  4. I should have stated that the LEDS that he is looking at are rear lights...sorry....!
  5. Must say that every part I have bought from James S has been of the best quality. He really is a top lad and has helped so many people out. He has a number of new ideas for parts that he wants to bring to market, the latest being good quality LED light bulbs.
  6. Ben is a nice guy. Used to own a Herald 13/60 conv., he was at a TR Reg Mallory Park track day some 12 or so years ago in that car, boy can he drive...rapid to say the least! He has made some alloy tanks for Tom Key's TR6...extremely good quality.
  7. Hi Nick, I have some 1144s to try, will do when the Greenstuff are worn out. Seriously though, I have found the G'stuff to be fine. Still think the main problem with GT6 brakes is that not enough air gets to them, hence the removal of backplates and breathable wheels.
  8. I have used std GT6 brakes on my mk2 for over 30 years, no problem at all. Using Greenstuff pads and again no problem at all. Take of the dust shields from the back, this and a set of Revolution wheels resulted in no problems with fade. As many have stated, properly maintained parts has resulted in decent brakes for my car which is used for Track Days and Autosolos. I'd stick with standard. I have a set of Wilwood calipers and vented discs on my mk1 Saloon....brilliant for passes in the Alps, once the pads get to temperature...but for normal road use, maybe not the best
  9. Hi Pete, Did the car come from a bloke in Finchampstead in Berkshire? I have a windscreen frame which has been repaired by my mate James Cooper. If interested let me know, I think you have my email address.
  10. The GPS unit in my car is very quick to acquire date from satellites. Not used the car for over a month following on from a gearbox issue and just went for a test drive on what is a low cloud day and I literally had a reading within 50m of moving along, more than happy with that.
  11. Hi Nick, GPS Speedometer came from Speedhut, managed to 'design' so that it neary matched the Triumph design, only snag being that the PLASTIC bezel screws onto the gauge, therefore not flush. Not that cheap, but with the state of my license......I intend to fit GPS units to my other Triumph cars. It is nice to know the speed that one is doing, especially as we now live in times where 1mph over the limit and prosecution looms.....there's money to be made!!!!
  12. Two little suggestions: 1. Stuff a rag into the hole for the clutch release arm until you are ready to fit the gearbox cover...ask me how I know! Dropped a bellhousing nut into it the other day as gearbox has been out of my car recently..... 2. Fit a GPS speedo and therefore get rid of the angle drive. I have stuck a core plug into the hole in the box where the speedo drive comes out, seems to work! Fantastic thread this.
  13. I have been using the following for sometime, evidently similar to VR1. Bit upset as now sold as being blended by Fuzz Townsend....which is weird as they were selling the stuff before FT was associated with the company...do they really think people will buy it because of his endorsement?????? Are people that gullible? https://www.classic-oils.net/Classic-Oils-Heritage-20W50
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