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  1. Thanks gents for your replys. Nick, I will check what you suggest, a very good point. Just to note the replacement vertical link unfortunately has some dimensional issues so that the steering arm which passes through the web on the vertical link cannot be bolted correctly. Hope that makes sense. Will take a dremel to it, to grind away the excess on the casting.
  2. So today the n.s.f trunnion/vertical link snapped whilst in LIDL carpark. Managed to get it loaded on a flat bed ok and unloaded at home. Bloody annoying as this trunnion is probably only 18 months old and always oiled regularly. Grrrrr!!!
  3. Thanks gents for the replies, for some reason I've not been able to get on forum since yesterday. Nick, it's Comma oil, but I found an old bottle of unused EP 90 GL4 in the garage and decided to change it just in case. 'Enhanced shear stability ensures stay-in grade performance over extended oil life' I didnt notice that statement when I did a little bit of research so I might have been ok. Changing the oil was not that easy to start with, tried syphoning with a drinks bottle. Worked ok on the bench from bottle to bottle but not when trying it on the diff. Finally managed to empty the diff using a pen*s enlarger(200ml syringe) from MachineMart. This worked a treat, dead easy, also for putting the new oil in. Thanks again guys. .
  4. Just replaced the diff with a new item on my vitesse and filled it with 75w 90 GL 4 gear oil. But after fitting the diff I noticed the oil is an SX variety not EP. Any thoughts as to whether this will be ok?
  5. Gents, From the previous owner its a Mk2 engine from a '73 estate I believe. ME999xxxHEA. So quite low on power. I plan to do some head mods along the line of N.Coll and yourself Nick. later this year. I have also acquired a 6-3-1 manifold that looks like it might be a Mike the Pipe model. Hopefully it will fit the Vitesse. Also a longer inlet manifold inc 1.75" SUs, So am looking for 120 +bhp. So something along the lines of what Alan has done. I had been looking at the Witor cam that Alan has fitted so may well go that route as he has had some success with it.
  6. Thinks Nick, I'm just looking for a cam replacement. The 2ltr I have, has I believe the mild triumph cam fitted judging by the rolling road figures I got last year.
  7. Hi guys, Do you think this Newman cam would work with twin SU's on a 2ltr or is it best with PI.?
  8. Sorry to hijack this thread, but I fitted Koni's on the front a while ago with shortened springs. So of course every time the front gets jacked up then lowered the springs dont align with top and bottom seats. I heard many years ago about wireing them to the spring seats but not sure if thats both ends or not! As the bottom seat on the koni's is free to move I guess this wouldn't be a problem. Any thoughts gents?
  9. Thanks Nick for the reply, I was hoping I would be able to do it that way. Will get new bearings at the same time as ordering the shaft. Steve
  10. Some advice please, I've just mashed the threaded end of a swing spring drive shaft when removing the hub. Dont ask how, bloody school boy error. I got the old shaft of off the vertical link, and now I need a new shaft and need to fit it to the vertical link. I dont have access to a press, so can I just beat it on or can I wind it on using the hub nut and hub? Any suggestions please?
  11. Hello folks, has anybody got a proper rear hub puller for a Vitesse etc that I could hire or borrow for a short time. I live on the south coast, portsmouth area. Would be happy to pick up.
  12. Hi Nick, will be fitting 12x1.5mm studs then using sleeved nuts. I was just wondering what other people might have used and suggest a supplier.
  13. Gents, any ideas suggestions for locking wheel nuts for Wolfrace slotmags, 80's vintage.
  14. Hello Nick thanks for the reply. Tyres are slim jims 155/80 but planning on 175/70 soon. I suppose the results are also dependent on the calibration of the machine being used. I hope to use Slark again for the rolling road this year so hopefully results will be relatively consistent. I will check the diff at the weekend, was going to get Mike Papworth to have a look at the diff as it really whines. But distance and time is an issue. Have you or anybody any experience of diffs from WINS International? They are much closer to home for me. Steve
  15. Mmmmm!! Will have to check that diff ratio. Was led to believe it was a 3.89 but have never checked it. Thanks for pointing that out Nick.
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