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  1. Found on one of my local Facebook Buy/Sell/Swap fora. Herald Coupe for sale, FB link
  2. Could this be someone we all know and ...... https://youtu.be/RPNiqsdt6-w?t=8m34s
  3. I did chuckle at the first mention of body Schultz. Used "body schutz" almost 40 years ago, it works well but I'm surprised it hasn't been superseded by something by now. Have you seen "LineX" in action?
  4. Very nice, all the best tools are simple and effective, if they're homemade too, well, that's just a bonus. Probably deserves a YouTube video and 500,000 hits.
  5. Don't hold back back Nick, tell us what you really think! Sounds like you had a bit of a lucky escape.
  6. I got the impression, somehow, that they'd done that before. Had to laugh when the calipers came out, precision work! "Cold forged" at the end, I wonder how "hard" that piece of steel became?
  7. Not entirely certain pills will fix this one.
  8. Unlucky it happened but massively lucky it didn't happen at speed.
  9. Looks like decent welding to me, I'll just pop my fuel tank in the mail, I need to shorten it a little!
  10. Saturday night, Narrabri, Binky14 watched, NO Indian restaurant!!!! I hope you're keeping busy.
  11. I think I would have described that somewhat more floridly than "painful". I hope you made them pay, big time, waking up to a horse's head in your bed wouldn't cover it.
  12. Well done. I got a little worried after the first set of photographs, you had one with the bonnet up but I couldn't see an engine! Hope you sort it quickly and have it cruising the motorways at a steady 60MPH, to Scotland and back will be the real test.
  13. I'm with Alan and James, think I'd be checking the tappet clearances and the valve springs.
  14. I have worked in computer support, no 1 question when someone phoned for help: "is it plugged in and switched on?". It is truly amazing the number of times this simple question, and the follow-up task, "please turn it off at the wall, unplug it and plug it back in" solved the "my computer doesn't work" call. I find a useful mantra in many areas. Glad it's fixed.
  15. Narrabri was always one of our stops between Brisbane and Warrnambool. Instead of skirting the town we'd head in,fill up with victuals and then head out to eat on the road somewhere, Edgeroi going north and the first decent rest stop going south.
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