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  1. thanks all. i need to have a proper look. pretty sure the seat goes all the way back. just dont recall it being such a struggle aged 21...
  2. I am next on the physio couch at the end of the month... will ask him to do his worst. Or find a TR6 to sit in and try for size :)
  3. Still alive but questioning if I will ever fit into a Spitfire again comfortably. Wont bore you but for some bizarre reason my legs down seem as "bendy" as they used to be at the moment. Is there a bit more legroom in a TR6? I am sure I used to fit in my car Still on a plus side it passed the MOT today.
  4. Looks like a very good holiday. Hope you are both well.
  5. Vertical links are a bit ugly and could do with a lick of paint while its in bits... Shot blast and paint or blast and powder coat. Always thought powder was good till it chips and then its worse.
  6. Thanks Roger, you around Sat afternoon if I pop by?
  7. Thanks Nick for the advice. It really knocked me for six, I am reasonably fit but when you get your heart going like the clappers with little effort, lungs bursting, and more its pretty worrying. Throwing every vitamin I can down my neck has made a big difference. Well on the mend I am pleased to say, still get tired but its easing.
  8. Last year post driveshaft failure Roger loaned me a spare rear shaft etc to keep me on the road. Afraid long covid killed my enthusiasm for doing pretty much anything and finally starting to feel more human after 4 months. Cold garages certainly have not featured in my to do list. Finally (sorry @rogerguzzifor how long its taken) I have two new built up replacements to put on the car! Trying to make my mind up if the Superflex bushes are better than the normal nylon bush jobs for the rear trunnions. Any thoughts? Finally will get the car back on 4 wheels in February and hopefully moving again. Ian
  9. oh no, sorry to read this Roger. Hope the vino helps.
  10. Thanks for the time spent tinkering today Roger, its appreciated. Car feels like its running better.
  11. Thanks Roger, Will try and sort out a time at the weekend. Will send you a message later in the week when I work out where I will be when... works mad at the moment. Enjoy the run out. A little jealous but thats life Ian
  12. struggling to see anything obvious after having a little tinker. More investigation is needed on my part.
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