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  1. I think I'll give it a punt. Years ago I built up a 1300 that should be quite quick- but then I shelved it as I turned to the mazda engine. I'd used lots of fancy Canley alloy bits on it as I was, and still am, heavy on lightness. I've always used alloy bellhousings where possible- but these boxes are in another league altogether. I've a mate with a snagged mk2 spit, and as I've no use for the 1300 or synchro box I have sitting there, figure I may as well fit it for him and see how it goes. Not being able to use the diaphragm clutch may be a bit of a pain- but I'll look harde
  2. Hiya guys, Would anyone happen to know if it is possible to rebuild a 4 synchro 3 rail into one of the very early all alloy boxes with the integral bellhousing? I expect it probably is, but does anyone know what it entails before I dive in?
  3. 88/89 KC Mercury Tracer sohc 1.6 for our US friends should also fit.
  4. I should have been clearer. I have put the mgf cv in the rotoflex upright and the mazda shaft works.
  5. Hi Fuelish, Bugger about the ordering- yes, I can guarantee it would have been cheaper! Like you say however, 24mm should be unbreakable no matter what you throw at it. I think you should be alright with you length, there is an awful lot of plunge available. It kinda comes down to where your cv sits in the upright, and mine is a ford cv that is a little different to the mgf. I know the mazda/ford shafts will work with the mgf cv as the length is slightly longer than the rover 100 ones which are known to work and I have physically slotted it into the mgf cv I have on the bench. I'm s
  6. Made a bit of a boo above- should be Laser KJ with the 22mm diameter axle. Cant edit to change. Not a lobro, but the NA Mx5 uses a 22 inner spline pot joint that may work with the fiesta - or even mgf axle for that matter. Of course I have neither to actually check that, and whether the pot joint will clear the chassis rail with a Triumph diff is another story altogether!
  7. I'll add- The 22 spline inner joint yoke is exactly the same part between mazda bg/bh, nissan micra 1.3 and subaru. I cant find any measurable difference between these parts, so if you wanted to run 4x100 rear pcd, you could simply machine your upright to take the mazda cv, machine 1mm off the mazda drive flange bearing spigot end and take the inner joint cup off the end of a new, fully built up mazda cv axle, and stick it into the subaru inner joint cup. Easy. There is also quite a bit of provision to redrill the mazda drive flanges to the 95.25 PCD, which would make life ea
  8. Here is the culmination of many hours of research and time at the wreckers. I hate to see people spend hard cash on unnecessarily expensive custom axles. The bare axles from a BG series Mazda Familia 323 1.6 SOHC same as Ford laser KF or BW mazda wagon. They fit Subaru 22 spline inner, and the mgf hub. The length is such that it places the inner joint yoke quite centrally in the cup (there is more than enough plunge available). I will measure for you in the morning, length and diameter. These, I expect, would take similar power outputs to the rover shafts, possibly more as many hav
  9. I'm a little too sick to get into the shed at present, and, like you- do not want to bum-steer unreliable information. I have been holding of printing this info until I could real world test the axles. The unfortunate truth of my situation is I may never see this come to fruition. I'll start a new thread here to make searching a little easier- see my reply.
  10. Nick- I have done the same thing. I know what you mean about the mx5 cable being too loose in the right angles sleeve- I thought about it and ended up filling the gap with rtv. I know it is bound to fail eventually, but I figured I'd see if it worked for any length of time before using solder in the gap. The idea was that the rtv would fail before the nylon gears stripped or the right angle seized. Other option could be to build the mx5 cable up with solder and file down to size. I've no idea if it'll work yet as I haven't run it.
  11. NB (mk2) mx5 uses an electronic speedometer. It's a straight swap over and may make life easier. The oe triumph speedometer faceplate is easy enough to redrill to accept the mx5 innards (you take off the printed circuit board and hardwire directly to the component plate which sounds harder than it actually is) I have done it with the mx5 tacho which will be essentially the same. Triumph needle will require gluing as the hole is a tad bigger than the mx5 needle shaft. No idea how the gauge sweep compares however
  12. Thanks for the replies chaps, I have identified 2 axles that fit the r160 to mgf hub, Also a couple of different Cvs that fit easily (Obviously different pcd, but that can be redrilled to 95.25). One of these is a slightly better fit than the mgf but may be too lightweight for most applications. The other is a bit more heavy duty than the mgf and a lot more common down here in the antipodes. I also have found another bearing which, for my application at least, makes the fitment of other cvs a little easier. This is a FAG 540733C or B38, or FW113. Dimensions are 68d x 39id x 3
  13. More questions I'm afraid- Does anyone happen to know the thickness of the rover 100 axle? Has there ever been any reported breakages behind triumph engines or otherwise?
  14. TMCS00093 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Concentric-Slave-cylinder-Astra-H-J-06-16-Corsa-C-D-03-15-Meriva-Zafira-05-15-/192380198580 This is the one I'd say. The difficult bit for the above cylinder is that it requires a machined channel for the O ring seal that sits under it. I was looking at a toyota 2014/16 CSC013 one for my mx5 engine swap. I dont know the specs however as I haven't pulled one out at the wreckers yet to check. There will be plenty of others that will likely work
  15. Clare Rule of Crapengineering Uk makes a concentric clutch adapter for KL V6 to mx5 gearbox conversions. I have it from her that it will work with the standard mx5 set up too. https://m.facebook.com/groups/325857401135776?view=permalink&id=732106240510888 Should take you to the files section. I've attached file to here too but I'm not sure itll open. Easy enough to make by the looks of it. CONCENTRIC_SLAVE_CYLINDER_KIT.pdf · version 1 CONCENTRIC_SLAVE_CYLINDER_KIT_COLORED.pdf · version 2
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