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    I also play the piano very badly :/

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  1. Someone on the thread on my car recommended that I get an oil filter with an anti-drain-back valve in, specifically the K&N one. So I bought two of the K&N ones direct from K&N, and they don't fit, the central thread's 3/4" rather than 5/8". And from what I can work out from friends in the car parts business, Fram and Mann have both stopped making their filters... Any ideas?
  2. I assume they're full price ones, not the half price under 21 tickets? I wouldn't mind two saturdays...
  3. Passed its MOT this morning at 0830, although no certificate yet as the central DVLA MOT computer isn't working
  4. The All-Terrain-Spitfire. It's so wet here that I've now reattached the hard top! Aa
  5. This was on my car for at least two years before I sorted it, and probably several before that: So really, your shell looks amazing
  6. A video of myself and the Spitfire - it's rather long, but I think it's rather good. And useful if you'e ever wondered just how tall I am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coFALembt_M&feature=youtu.be
  7. Great story - and super pics! Are you using a film camera or just a particularly good digital one?
  8. I'll look into one at the first oil change. I think the old engine had one on by chance, as my car parts suppliers had run out of the normal Frams. Clutch took a bit of effort, but it all runs wonderfully!
  9. Yup! Remarkably little wear in the bores, although as you could tell the crank was fairly scored. It went in fairly easily, once I'd found another propshaft, and started pretty much on the first turn of the key! Wonderful sounding engine
  10. On the way back from Brum we sat in a traffic jam on the M40 for over an hour. And the Spitfire did not enjoy it. In fact, after just two and a half hours of running it'd taken it's oil down from the top of the dipstick to the bottom.... Topped up, and it'd done the same by the time I got home. Plan? I never really liked this engine, and I have another, low mileage 1500. So... Stripped: Oo... That's for the oil, right? Right... Anyway, the crank had to be ground to +020. So much for a cheap rebuild, as that was £117 - over half what I aim to spend in a month on everything combined... Let's not mention this to my girlfriend! Pistons, while manky: Were fine, so my mate Matt cleaned the up with his special methods, and I ordered a set of standard rings. The crank has returned, and it'll all be going together after Christmas, I'll be driving the Spitfire up to Matt's, in Norfolk - so if you see a red Spitfire pulling a large cloud of smoke behind it going through London on the 27th, it'll be me...! Aa
  11. It was on display at the NEC Birmingham all weekend, and did 350 miles without any trouble.
  12. It was on display at the NEC Birmingham all weekend, and did 350 miles without any trouble. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xap1/v/t1.0-9/p180x540/10696340_10205119287891652_8530296666140197018_n.jpg?oh=0b7aefe635c3113443867bbd22082c9d&oe=54D8D4CC&__gda__=1427368567_865376b2fe14d7f1696ede0b5cb46000[/im]
  13. It was on display at the NEC Birmingham all weekend, and did 350 miles without any trouble.
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