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  1. Hope Andy doesnt mind me posting this: Exhaust porn........
  2. Steve A 2l gt6 with GT exhaust system, head: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZWCBrTiIZQ Here's the blog he wrote: http://triumphulation.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2010-08-18T13:45:00%2B01:00&max-results=7 RR graphs included. Andy Thompson's Blog Pictures of the exhaust manifold, GT valves, cam http://triumphwestoz.blogspot.com/2009_09_01_archive.html Here is another picture of the exhaust manifold and dyon results. http://triumphwestoz.blogspot.com/2008_11_01_archive.html The GT exhaust manifold on the 6cylinder gave the same bhp but it gave 15%more torque through the range over a mike the pipe manifold. Here are the dyno runs. GT Manifold,128rwbhp, 195lb/ft torque http://www.youtube.com/user/lagerzok#p/u/6/mtlL1zR4omU Mike the pipe exhaust 128rwhp, 175lb/ft torque. http://www.youtube.com/user/lagerzok#p/u/7/hloGNgQfa-w These were posted two years ago. Andy after these tests has used more of GT stuff with very good results. Unfortunately not much available on the 4 cylinder however my Journey with my T6 fabrications Spitfire will be written up for every one to see and i will do back to back tests on the dyno with GT's stuff v what i was using. Currently got standard 1300 dolomite large crank engine and head with TR5 cam. Engine is rebuilt, rebored, balanced. Currently running hs2 carbs and 4-1 pacesetter manifold with phoenix single large bore exhaust. I will dyno the car as it is now and then with the GT bits and finally with the different manifold. It will be running EFI when the GT bits arrive(head,cam,exhaust manifold), Atpower throttle body's on a Dcoe manifold so fuelling will be optimised to the other manifold before the run. However im quite sure the results will speak for themselves. Chris.
  3. Cookies, why don't you try the TR5 cam. Without any mods, just as it is. I also have an idea on how to make it cheaper for you. You buy the part under my name and address and then ill send it out to you as a gift. There fore there is no import tax??? However back to the TR5 profile cam. Everyone who has tried it loves it, its streetable and makes lots of bhp yet has some low down torque. That and its a real triumph profile not some ford thing with holes in the torque. Ive been told that with a well built fd engine you will get over 110bhp with a good head and tr5 cam. Even more if everything works together well with a very good head. Worth thinking of. Chris.
  4. Ive done the scare the sh*t out of me bit, i had a 6litre v12 jag xjr-s with 400bhp and many, many motorbikes. However i enjoy staying in control these days. Its a fine line but my licence prefairs it, i prefair it and im sure ill live longer. I now have a 70bhp Triumph Thruxton, it does 120mph flat out but it feels like im doing 170mph. My soon to be wife rides a GsxR750 with 170bhp capable of 180mph. You can cruise along at 130mph like your doing 40mph. Its not good, to have fun on it you need to be up to the 140-150mph mark. In the spitfire i got up to 115mph the other day and the wind caught me(AAAAHHHHHH). I think the age gene has started to kick in, im happy opening it up but i stop at 3rd gear and just knock it into 4th with overdrive and cruise. Never though id be so happy with my spit as i am. Just need to finish him off. 135bhp and 120mph will be fine. Chris.
  5. Hi, not really interested and it makes them into even more of a death trap. 200bhp in a car weighing 700kg that's mental. I also like these old triumph lumps. Don't mind spending extra £££ as long as its done properly. I also intend in doing a few classic road rally's and the original type of engine make is required from the same production run. They also say that the parts must have been available when the car was produced. However they are definitely gonna dock me points for the injection system im gonna fit. Hay ho. Thanks for all reply's so far, keep them coming. Cheers Chris.
  6. Mattius, Edinburgh sports car breaker has a yellow 1500 which last time i checked had the part you need............... Chris.
  7. What if im the bear??? Will have a look but there is no need to argue. All i want is each persons opinion but only if you got stuff from him..... Cheers so far, Chris.
  8. Hi guy's First thread, Gareth Thomas. I have been in talks with Gareth Thomas and have agreed to buy some of his stuff. Exhaust manifold, cylinder head and cam. I don't mind paying the extra as i think his stuff will be worth it. What im wondering is what's everyone's experience of him and his products was. I.e. what did you buy, was it worth the £££ and are you happy with it. Also what engine and what performance improvement did you get. The reason im asking is that when i did a search for his stuff not that much came up. Ive not been doing triumph's that long and im not into the political bullsh*t that goes with it. So please have your say and this will help to inform the next Triumph car "Virgins" decision. One more thing, no arguing or thread sliding. Cheers Chris.
  9. Thanks Cookies, nice car and nice colour. As said by thebrookster i got it from Canley's, i originally rang up for a mk3 profile but they didn't have any in the large journal so i took the tr5 and called it fate. I really should have upped the compression ratio before the head went back on but i got Chic Doig to build the motor as i didn't have the time or the place and the girlfriend needed the car quick to pick me up when i come home from competing. I must admit i do like the tr5 cam but im going for GT exhaust,head and cam for my current engine so thought id go the hole hog so all his stuff isn't held back by inferior or mismatched items. If i were you cookies i would just try the standard tr5 cam and up your compression ratio. You wont be disappointed and you still get good mpg. All you need to do then is stop using the extra grunt at every set of traffic lights. Ha Ha. Chris.
  10. Hi i would like to recommend the TR5 cam on four cylinder spits. It picks up slow from 1.500rpm-2,000 then begins to accelerate well until it hits 3,000rpm. this is the first big acceleration and then again it increases again very noticeably at 3,500rpm and then continues to accelerate right to 6,500rpm. I stop at this point and change up. I currently have a balanced 1300 dolomite engine with large crank and large journal cam. So compression would be about 8.5 if im lucky. Your suppose to run 10-1 compression ratio to get the tr5 to really come alive. My head is standard. Also idle is now solid as a rock after fannying around with different needle profiles. My car will do over 110mph on a "closed road" with large (21stone) driver. I have to admit that its quite scary going over 110mph in a spit. Not something i will do alot. However as a everyday car its great, currently getting 40-45mpg would probably get more but cant stop gunning it. Hope this helps. Chris.
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