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  1. Rich if I were you I would relocate the Fuse box to the inside of the car where it will get less spray from the road. I would also buy the sealed connector blocks to. I've just had to put a drill bit down the lucas connector tubes for the headlamps because of rust causing the electrics to earth out to other systems. Well worth it and saves time in the future. Chris.
  2. No, walk away. Nothing but trouble. Loads of design flaws and issues and the 2-stroke motors are crap and wear quickly with a sudden death leaving you stranded. Your choice. Chris.
  3. Canleys kit is a copy of the Caterham ones bar the stud spacing. Its very well made but as Marcus and many others have said before" they don't last forever". They are a great weight saving but most get the bearing races rotating in the hubs. All you can do is try to re-lock tight them in place. I got 27,000miles out of mine before movement which most cars will never cover. However I've re stuck them and fingers crossed they will last a bit longer. Chris.
  4. I Helped tow a MK3 Spitfire off the motorway yesterday near Sommerset when travelling down from Scotland back to camp. Really nice but the young owner really didn't have any idea about how to fix it. Bike Pulled the car off the M5 easily. Still got its FD engine in. Did final prep for Spiddy's Mot today. Finished modding the wheel arches, now I have full lock and full clearance with the wide 15" wheels. Only took two years to get round to it. I also Cleaned the Headlamp connections as they were badly corroded. I'm going to order sealed connector blocks now as I don't want to have to deal with Wireing faults again through corrosion. So whats left to do. Well basically not much. The wiper park motor switch has stopped working (new one ordered) and the bonnet Iron bolts have welded themselfs to the bushes that they pivot on. Will need to apply heat to them and Probably chop the ends of and then press out with a vice. Great rust strikes again. Final Job its to re stick the front overrider pod back on as its come away from it bracket through......Yet again Rust. Well thats it. Thats all standing between Spiddy and his Mot. Ive ordered the bits, now all to do is wait. More when it happens. Chris.
  5. I do a Zetec SE How to word doc with the only part you can't buy (engine mounts) as a kit. You could do the swap for about £1000 but you would get much better results for more cash. I would say all parts and fully installed with all the goody's £3,500. For this you would have 180bhp and five speed gearbox, EFI and 0-60 in less than 5.5sec and over 45mpg. Over 50mpg if driven sensibly but I find this hard to do. Engine weighs only 80kgs so would massively improve performance and reliability and minimal mods are needed. Non to chassis and minor to tub. Every part can be bought off the shelf and delivered in 3 days to your door. Chris.
  6. Magnacore leads every time. top quality and last a long time. Chris.
  7. Looks good as ever Nick. Whats your next plan for it??? Chris.
  8. Rich we just sold my wifes 911 targa 1990 model. We bought it 2.5 years ago for £14.5k well she did. With my help and we just sold it for £23.5K. If she didnt drive it as much we would have seen closer to £30k. Sadly I think this is the last couple years that normal people will be able to own these machines. However I would recommend the Cayman. My wifes new car. Its a much better ar than the old 911 was. Much more usable and more women driver and maintenance friendly. These are going from £10k up. At 295bhp they are great to drive. Its not as nice as a well sorted Zetec Se engined Spitfire but its better for the wife. Chris.
  9. I Don't think its bad news mate, it was a strong challenge to try and make it which was more than likely to fail unless everything went to plan. I did my part and my fighting was good. Unfortunately Judo is a corrupt sport and referees are governed so matches are kind of fixed alot of the time. However it was good to be back fighting on the big world stage again. Now its time to get back to hobbies and toy's though and decide if I'm keeping Spiddy or changing for something else. We will see, got to get him on the road first. Ha Ha.
  10. Well I've been away and all over the world again trying to make a last min dash to qualify for Rio. Unfortunately it didn't happen and I'm glad the full on training is over and I'm now back at work. My Wife also changed her car recently, she sold the 911 Targa and we bought her a Porsche Cayman S 3.4. Such a great car and now for reasonable money too. We drove it back home form a dealer near Nottingham and it really was fun. This got me thinking about Spiddy and how he is actually just as fast as the heavier and quieter 300bhp Porsche. I've been working from home and he has been five hundred miles away back on camp. This week I was back on camp and have been looking forward to seeing if He would start after being layed up for 4 months. I peeled the car cover back and bar a covering of salt from the nearby sea he looked good. I still need to cut a bit from the wheel arch to clear for the mot and I need to clean some connections for the indicators. Once thats done hes ready for an mot. So did he start...........Yes He did, no hesitation, No flat battery he just started right up. So I thought, I might as well load up the new map I made for him offline months ago to get rid of the stutter from too much ignition advance. However it just wouldn't upload the map. So instead I opened the program twice and looking at on I manually transferred the changes. The difference was night and day. What a difference and its still miles off. The current plan is to get him running well enough to drive to the mot and then take it for a Rolling road session to fix the rest of the fuel and ignition. Was so nice driving him again. This New rebuilt enigne with SS4 Cam's Seems much more potent. Only time will tell how well it goes but it shouldn't be too far away now. Wonder it I'll make the RBRR2016. I might actually need a co driver if the cars ready in time as the Wife might not be able to take part this time round. We will see. More when it happens. Chris.
  11. Good work Nick, If I had your welding/fab skills I would probably have kept my spitfire tub metal. However I don't and my time and patients on these tasks isn't good. However this does make it a pleasure to watch you work you magic. Chris.
  12. A friend of mine said two reasons they like the triple electrodes. First the spark is unshrouded and parallel to the mixture if you get me and also they up the compression ratio by taking up space. Don't know if its true or not but after trying them in my old Triumph lump I wouldn't use anything else. It just felt more responsive and pulled better especially at very light throttle. Chris.
  13. Hi all I have 10 pairs of mounts ready to go if anyone is interested please get in touch. Cheers Chris.
  14. Well done mate, nice setup. Can't see about half the photo's but the ones I can see look good. Going to be good to get it out on the road. See how it performs on the dyno. Again Well Done. Chris.
  15. Bobby spit the is a place not too far from you where custom propshafts can be made. East coast propshafts. Cost me £110 for brand new one made to my specs while I waited. http://www.albahydraflow.co.uk/east-coast-propshafts/
  16. Interesting setup, the speed holes in the discs are interesting but if it all works then fair play. Any photo's of the mounting brackets for the diff??? Chris.
  17. Hi all, this one has been brewing for a while but its finally ready (or I finally got off my arse). Its £60 Delivered to UK and for your money you get two things. First is a Word Document talking you though what I did and what I recommend you do. Its not me telling you what to do its me telling you what I did and why for obvious insurance/liability purposes. The second part is two pieces of metal that look very much like Engine mounts described in my own conversion but aren't because they are missing the holes needed to fit them. I suppose you could very easily following the instructions supplied in the word doc drill the holes and fit them but they are just two random bits of metal "WINK WINK". Any way if you want to fit a light weight, high MPG and high performance engine to your spitfire then maybe this conversion is for you. It wont be cheap but it can cost the same as tuning the triumph engine but you get better results and more for your money. I'm sure you could do it very very cheap but thats up to you. The beauty of this is your still in control of your build but you can buy every part off the shelf bar the engine mounts if you choose to. Please PM me if your interested, paypal is probably the best way to pay or cash on collection. For pictures and info see my Build thread on this very forum link below: http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/5573-triumph-t6-spitfire-gt-build-chris-sherrington/ Cheers and Keep it sideways. Chris.
  18. Well done John. I'm now trying my best to meet you out there. Chris.
  19. Hi Pete, There has been no movement on the front spoiler since the last post on it. I was hopeing to collect an original to make a mold and then make some more to cover the costs of making my own. I might still go through with this but not for a while yet. As for the T6 body tubs....This is the only supplier. http://www.triumphspitfirelemans.com/ I don't know how well made they are now but can't be as bad as mine was but mine was made by the last owner of the molds so fingers crossed the new owner is better than the last. Pm me if you need more info. Chris.
  20. Ian, I think your car deserves its own build thread. I think there is quite a few good stories to be told about your dolly's inception. You could start with some photos of the car in question with a list of the mods. I would be interested in reading it. Just go to the members section and start a new thread. If you put bits and bobs here the info will be lost and it will be hard to find. Love the wooded jig, I never would have thought of that and its stuff like that which is stored on sideways for others to see and learn from. Go on, start one up, I could do with a good read and don't forget we like lots of photo's please. Chris.
  21. I think they will be, unless he left out one of the spacers. Might refit the spitfire ones and pick up some of those axle spacers. Chris.
  22. Well, I collected my Clutch Master and rear cylinders at home. I flew down to Devon (camp)this weekend to collect my Motorcycle and ride back after fitting the spitfire parts. Installation went very well indeed. The Clutch bled through almost instantly. Makes me wonder if I should change the brake one too but it still functions fine at the mo.Then I re fitted the rear cylinders and bled them through with the help of a drunken mate who was walking passed at the right moment. I didn't have an angle grinder to hand so have left the wheel arches alone for the moment. I could spend a couple hours drilling cutting and hack sawing or I could just get a angle grinder out and be done with it in less than five mins. So after sorting all that out the next thing to do was check all the operating circuits. Turns out my indicators were the wrong way round at the front so I quickly changed the wires round. Then I have a corroded earth issue. This is making it earth back through the high beam, Its a simple fix, the spade connectors just need a clean. I might even upgrade them to the electrical connectors I was suppose to fit a few years back. So I didn't have my laptop with me so couldn't upload the new ignition map but I thought a little drive was in order. So a quick spin round camp to bed the new brake pads in and check everything is working as it should and all was good. New engine has loads of poke in it. Even with the ignition map massively out. At this point I put spiddy back in the car park, fitted his water proof cover and walked away. He wont be touched now for at least a few months as I'm at home in Scotland training to try a last minute qualification for Rio Olympic games. So the next few months will be very hectic. If I'm successful then that few months will turn into 6 months with no work done. However by that time the RBRR will be very close. So I'll be very quick to get the last couple bits done for the MOT and then we will be off on the RBRR 2016. Going to be a hectic year. More when it happens. Chris.
  23. Hell of a mess it makes. All my door hinges were zinc coated before fitting and in one winter they were white. I'm going to clean them up and use thick brush on paint. Might even make some proper wheel arches to stop the spray. I've also been thinking about removing the bonnet vents as all they do is let rain onto the wiper motor/battery. Again causing corrosion. All thoughts and plans for the mo. Chris.
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