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  1. Does sound like a head gasket. Drop in some rad weld maybe and re-tighten down the head bolts too. Chris.
  2. Well the new rear window turned up today. Its from Templar motorsport and thanks to John Bonnet he now has the mold for GT6 rear glass.....Except its in poly carbonate. Its about 3kgs lighter, flexes more to easiler to fit and has scratch resistant coating. So out with the old and in with the new. Having this rear window out reminded me how much of a struggle getting the rear glass in was the last time. The repro seals are not correct and make it hard even on a steel GT6. To make matters worse the T6 roof shape is wrong so more of an effort. However with the polycarbonate screen is was made much easier but the real plan is to remove the rear window and turn it into an opening hatch. Probably not like the GT6 one as the curves are different but more of an opening window. For now though just replacing it will do. Its also cured a leak that occured in heavy rain so Much happier. Does anyone need a rough glass back window for a GT6 is not the best example. Will put a hammer through it if there is no response by the end of the week. Chris.
  3. Mine is in the Passesnger foot well on the left on top of the sill ledge. Every modern car uses them as long as its upright. Chris.
  4. The other 10bhp that my current exhaust is stopping me from having. I was expecting 170bhp and its there just waiting to be uncorked. SS4 cams are good for 185bhp with head work and I dont have that kind of head work neither would I want it but when you can see your top end power flatten off.... well its just not right. Got some money coming back end of the year. Can see a trip to tony law coming for front to back exhaust and manifold. Then larger injectors and another remap. Wonder what the next dyno run will yield.
  5. Ok managed to control most of my driving impulses and managed to get a real nice mpg figure rather than the drive it like you stole it figure. We achieved 48mpg. However there were still a couple full throttle overtakes so 50mpg is probably doable but just not by me. This is great as this means its only a couple mpg down on the old cams. Well happy I am and ive now covered almost 2000 miles since Spiddy was put back on the road. Lots more stuff to come but now im off to give my hybrid battery back. more when it happens. Chris.
  6. Toby 've just read an article saying that a 2" exhaust is only good for 144bhp. So for up to 185 we should be using 2 1/4" exhaust pipe. Is that right???
  7. Good job you had the Big Brakes mate. Ha Ha Ho and Nick its 82kg and the SS4 is a mild fast road cam. Chris.
  8. Ok so what has failed........ Well the tub!!!! The rear top chassis mounts have broken through the fibreglass. The chassis flexes and the tub needed spaced to Chic Doig did this with thick alloy tube. Unfortunately it needs a little more area to spread the load. I'll need to make some plates up and fibreglass the holes back together. Not to bad of a job but annoying all the same. On another front, I went to see another plastic Spitfire with my Engine Conversion. Alot of fun was had in the early morning but the reason for travelling near to Toby's was to get my car on the Dyno. Strapped to the Dyno and the result............Not quite as good as expected......There is a cork in the system.162bhp at the Fly. You can see the flat off of the power from 6,500 to the end of the run. The exhaust is more than likely the cause of this as its a bitza of different size of pipes and even though it sounds very nice it has caused the flat spot. The ECU programmer also said its a good thing it didn't make anymore as the injectors are at there max duty cycle and for anymore they will need changing for larger injectors. On the road however the car is now ridiculously fast. Below is my old Dyno sheet but they were done on a different dyno. According to this I've gained 10bhp and have about the same amount of Torque. I originally thought I had 151bhp and 144ftlbs but it turns out it had 151bhp and 127ftlbs. However the torque has been moved up the rev range and is much more usable. Before the wheels would just spin everywhere and quick take offs were very hard to judge. Now its easier with much less wheel spin and the torque builds as the rev's rise. At full chat about 5,000rpm to 7,500rpm the car is a beast. If I change the exhaust and injectors we should easily see 170+bhp as these cams just keep gaining. However is it needed. Quite simply no. The car is now truely mental, It gets less mpg then before but by god is it fun. I've unfortunately not managed to drive the car sensably for the whole tanks duration yet but I'll let you know once I have but sitting cruising north of 70 + 20 I got 36mpg and thats with full throttle take off and over takes. The car is so much more usable with the torque further up the rev range and bloody mental. Don't know if I'll bother changing the exhaust but I was told today that I might actually gain everywhere by fitting a better exhaust and manifold together. Will see how I feel in a couple months but as the car is I can just about use all it has. Anymore might just not get used. Chris.
  9. Was a good day at the RR. Good company, good food. Chris.
  10. Ho dear we have had a slight failure............still drivable, more once I have some photos. Chris.
  11. Well another thing done today. Fitted another quick shift lever, the last one had a plastic bush in it which became worn so I fitted the original standard modified lever but I spotted this new one which has a rose join on it so no play and no wear. I also rewired the wiper motor wireing trying to sort out the intermittant one wipe function but I think its the switch thats buggered. Speaking of buggared, I looked under the car tonight and there is oil making its way down the chassis center. This is more than likely the rear gearbox oil seal which is what caused the box to self destruct the last time to Looks like I'll be getting a new seal kit as the one in there isn't doing its job. I also need to cut a hole in the tunnel cover so I can top the gearbox oil up until I can replace the rear seal. On the bonus side the Diff casing was totally dry. So at least we are slowly getting oil tight.
  12. Hi Nick, I'm back on camp now in Barnstaple. To be honest I've known loads of guy's that were happy with there mapping but when I looked at it I could have done that myself. John's Guy sounds good as I'm sure your guy is. However the company that I'm sending this to are the guys who designed the ECU and the throttle bodies. They can can exploit all the extras they packed into it and can access it quickly and easily with no excuses of "I didn't know it did that" or why didn't you tell me about that" because I'm no ecu Guru. They have cars racing at le mans and will make it the best it can be. Not only that but they cost the same as everyone else!!!! All I have to do is drive there and watch them work. This will be the best it can be, no excuses. Chris.
  13. Well, interesting news. The Dyno has been booked 21st June. I'm currently running the EFI firing in one batch as it was easier and one connector was wrong on my harness for the cam sensor. However after being unable to find some one who was able to do the mapping or could fit me in when is suitable for me (sooner rather than later) was harder than I thought it would be. So I decided to book it in with the guys who make the ECU Specialist Components and the throttle bodies for ATpower. I've got a decent trip next weekend to an archery comp about 200miles(400 total) each way and then another 250 to Norfolk for the mapping. That will see it run in and I'll change the oil on the Monday night (500mile mark)to the Fully Synthetic 5w30 Castrol with a new filter. Can't wait to see what the new figures will be. Its more lively as it is but the ignition is probably a way off. Its nice knowing the guy's who make these great Ecu's will be doing the mapping too as they will do it right. I've heard so many stories of half arsed mapping. I've even been to two different places that didn't change the map much from what I did which was well off. Fingers crossed all goes well. I'll be clocking mpg figures with the new cams in to see what we get before and after. Chris.
  14. Canleys fit the bearings before shipping to make sure its done right. Anodizing is a good idea in my mind. Chris.
  15. Did 80 miles today in Spiddy, I was mapping the car the best I could so i can drive it knowing the mixture is ok and not going to melt the engine. I've got another 120miles to go before i drop the cheap oil and fill with the good stuff just before the Dyno run to map the ECU properly. However, a couple of things have stood out already from the miles covered. Firstly the new engine rev's clean through to the red line and it howls like a banshee through the last 3000rpm's. Its much more sporting and rev's quicker but I do find that the power has gone to a level where I wont be using it all when out for a joy ride. The previous engine had just enough power to be able to use it all and want a little more. The new engine is more than needed and its not even mapped properly yet!! Second thing is the brakes. I changed out the 1144 mintex fast road pads because I found they lost their bite under very heavy braking. I put Ferodo DS2500 in and they are much better and rather than bite early and then tail off these seem to brake harder the hotter they get. Winner, I also used a top quality brake fluid upon bleeding the system but the main difference is how the pads react to heat. So 80 down 120 to go. Will call the local Dyno people up tomorrow an see when they can fit me in. The sooner its dialed in the better and the more MPG I'll get. Chris. P.s. Big thankyou to Marcus for reshimming my LSD triumph Diff for me too.
  16. I visited Joe the other day, gonna keep an eye out for a Kitten I think as they are mega cheap to insure. £90 fully comp.
  17. I'm a big bloke, Naturally big though so bugger all I can do about that. However removing weight from the moving parts can only make it better. End of the day, some people are not very serious about going quicker and lightening thing (neither am I really as mines a road car). Also some just like to tell you how much they have spent and how light it is. If you want a real weight save ditch the spitfire lump and fit the Zetec Se engine and you save 60kg!!!. I'm only going to change things once they wear out though as my wallet is tight for as long as I can hold it shut. When the current calipers pistons finally seize I'll be fitting the Hispec ultralight calipers. They give no braking improvement but are only 1kg each as oppose to the standards at 3.5 each. Massive saving in my book.
  18. Canleys have bigger Stub axles like the caterhams. The hubs take large modern Japanise bearings with seals attached to them so no more felt seals. They are a very good bit of kit. I might try the anodising if they slip again as the weight saving is quite substantial. As is the weight difference for stock calipers to alloy calipers, every little helps. Chris.
  19. Or smear everything with Vaseline!!!!! Ha Ha Well thats it we have an Mot pass certificate, no advisories. Now it needs some miles putting on it and booking in for a rolling road. Chris.
  20. Would work on the Standard hubs but Canleys alloy are different size and spacing. Probably work fine on standard Alloy hubs but are they the same internals?? I don't know?? Chris.
  21. Good thought but I think it would be better doing that when they were new so to stop the wear. God knows how long they will live now, fingers crossed the bearing locktight will work. Chris.
  22. Well its been a funny weekend. Friday we missed the mot because of electrics. So Sat morning early I went to a Guy in Exeter who has those econo/Super seal block connectors in stock. Picked up a bunch of them so I had more than needed. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electrical-Waterproof-Connectors-Set-1-2-3-4-5-6-Pin-Way-Superseal-Pair-Car-Boat-/251994363428?var=&hash=item3aac08d624:m:m7N2FJc-jduIdD2uTSj0Lig Saved me postage and it also means I can rewire when ever I got chance. I then drove 7hrs north to my cousins 21st Birthday party. All I could think of is how annoyed I was that I hadn't done them sooner. So today (Sunday) I drove 7hrs back through thick traffic. I got to camp at 21:30hrs. I went straight to the Workshops and pulled the wiring apart and rebuilt it. The only thing that needs doing now is a couple of joints need soldering in my Lunch break tomorrow to finish the Y joints off. Now everything works, no new switches needed or replacement parts bar the wiper switch which should arrive tomorrow anyway. So I'll call the Mot guy tomorrow and book it in for another Mot test for last thing on monday. Another thought has also come to mind, I think I'm going to sell the Honda Hybrid thats been in constant use while the Spitfire has slumbered. I'm going to get a Towbar fitted to Spiddy. Its going to be a custom fit one with the chassis rails extended rearward to allow the brace to mount securely. This will mean I can tow my motorcycle and any gear that wont fit in the car. I can't tow with the hybrid as EU laws state that new vehicles need type approval and the car needs to be load tested for a trailer. Well My 1966 Spitfire doesn't need that crap and I'm glad its going to be my main car again. However a backup car will need to be on standby just incase. Something like the Spitfire thats fibreglass, cheap to insure and hopefully tax exempt. Been looking at Reliant Fox and Kittens but first job is Getting Spiddy back on the road. Fingers crossed the Mot goes well tomorrow. More when it happens. P.s. Nick I fitted separate earths but the battery is exposed in the engine bay and thats where the corroded earths where. Maybe time to seal off the bulk head.
  23. Epic Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Took the long way to the test center and when I left everything was working. When I arrived it wouldn't indicate left and the switch wouldn't hold. The guy was running late so I tried to fix it and instead my headlamps went dim and the horn stopped working. Buggar. I just called it a day and drove back to camp. Its basically an earth problem. There are a number of earths on the car and most are badly corroded. Time to take them all apart, clean them and use new connectors. Two steps forward one step back. On the bright side the car drove very well indeed. Even with the fueling out. Will get some connectors and fingers crossed get to the bottom of the issue. Chris.
  24. Managed to fix the wiper switch temperately by wrapping tape round the plunger extending the plunger slightly. I re-bonded the Front over rider back on and manage to replace the front bonnet Iron bolts. Now the MOT is booked for 1630. Fingers crossed.
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