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  1. You can just swing the diff down to change them but everything else needs disconnecting anyway. Chris.
  2. I'm not promoting it but you shouldn't bash something because it doesn't do what you (an advanced efi guy) decides to be mandatory. Its still cheaper than a built MS1 and will work very well. Infact its such a good little easy to use and install package and I think the designers should be praised for developing it. After all most classic car enthusiasts wont spend the cash that efi costs but they would spend this and have it mapped at Aldon and never have to touch it again. One of the Guy's on CT forum uses one and loves it. Horses for courses. Its not perfect but its much closer than an old dissy can manage. Chris.
  3. Wow just pottering about and found this Scimitar Sabre thread. They are a Reliant sports car weighing 839kg and came with a few different engines. A 1.3 1.4 a 1.6 and the Nissan Silvia enigne or 1.8 ca18et Turbo engine. This one in this article is over 300bhp, I wont say how much as it would ruin the story but wow what a fast car that will be. Probably more than the car can handle but wow. They run Sierra diff and later ones have galvanized chassis. http://www.scimitarweb.co.uk/sgwrs/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=834 Just thought I would Share. Chris.
  4. Its cheaper than MS1 as its assembled. Also you can opt for TPS instead of MAP. Very easy install and better than stock but limited.
  5. Well John, this time it didn't loosen the crank bolt. So maybe the tolerances on the cam drive sprocket are out. Either way Jon's gonna replace the whole engine with a rebuilt unit. Then we should have many miles of worry free motoring. Chris.
  6. Hi James its mk1 front grille. Think I'm gonna remove mine as there isn't a need for such big holes bar the look. I'm going to make mine a small vent in the near future. Chris.
  7. Well, anyone seen this??? So its mappable ignition for your Dissy. You lock the advance plate, you attach the vaccum advance to the box and it changes the ignition advance just like Megajolt. Except its cheaper, even if you have to buy a rebuild dizzy if your old one is buggered. Anyone tried one?? Here is a link..... http://www.simonbbc.com/ignition-control/aldon-amethyst-fully-mappable-electronic-ignition-system-programmable-ignition £200 for mappable ignition, also it can use TPS instead of Map if you wish. Chris.
  8. Well Jon finally came up to Scotland last week to fit the rebuild head to the Spitfire. I was on leave so had a bit of time to remove all things needed and assist Jon on reassembly of the engine. As you might expect the engine started up and ran lovely straight off the bat. The noise was music to our ears. We then drove the car about five trouble free miles and Jon was very impressed at the smoothness of the ride and how well the car handles. We didn't push on much as I was a little cautious as we still needed to check the hoses etc, as it turns out the top hose clamp needs replacing as it wouldn't seal properly. So we decided to head home as all was well bar the top hose and all of a sudden the car lost power and died.......Ho Dear. It was the same noise as the last time. Jon and I were stunned. All valves bent again and I had to get the Wife out so Jon could tow me back. Jon was shocked, hes never had this issue before. So he is now going to build me a Brand new engine with a totally different block etc and once its built I'll swap out the old unit for the new. He's then going to strip the other engine and try to see whats gone wrong. So the Spitfire is off the road for another Month or so but it will get another brand new rebuilt engine. Thats what Warranty's are for. More when it happens. Chris.
  9. Trabant are expensive for what they are. Two stroke too. I looked at the kittlen estate and discounted it because its chassis isnt galvanised. I'd really like to get away from the tin worm if possible. Hence the Fox. However the Robin does keep coming back to mind as its lighter than the two. Its cheaper to insure and tax as well. Choices choices. Will have a think I'm on three week holiday tomorrow. About time too be way to long coming!!! Chris.
  10. Ok so its not what you think. I'm not wanting a project for over winter. However I am thinking of parking the Spitfire up over the winter period. Why well because all the nice bits I fitted over the last few years have seen 32000miles and are now not so shiny. I put it down to the salt. Not just that but I want to fit a rear hatch etc and the spitfire needs so TLC. So I'm now on the look out for a replacement for the Honda Civic I sold a few months back. A car thats not really to be modded and isn't a expensive car to run or fix. It also needs to be an estate and needs to be able to toe my Motorcycle. It also needs to be cheap to tax and insure. Before I bought the honda I passed over this type of car as the honda seemed better however here we are now looking at it again. So what its it..... .Well Reliant!!!!!! Which one...... Well I've owned a Rialto before(three wheeler) but I do like the early Robins. I also Like the Rebel and the Fox. But they all have there plus and minus points. So the Robin is cheap to buy and run. Its motorcycle tax bracket and early ones are now tax exempt. It originally had the 700cc engine and non syncro box but the cheaper ones I'm looking at have all been upgraded to the 850cc version with later 4 speed box like I had in my last Rialto. Chassis isn't galvanised but a Galvanised one could be fitted quite easily but all mk2 robins and rialtos were galvanised. 60mpg is easily achived on the motorway and 70-80mph is easily held if brave enough. The Rebel estate. These are Tax exempt and like early Robins most have had the engine and gearbox upgrades to 850cc spec done. This is a four wheeled version with trunions on the front suspention (not a fan) and the rest of the suspension is similar to the Robins. Space is greater because of the fours wheels but they tend to be more expensive to buy and parts are harder to find. Non of these were galvanised so expect rust in places. Finally the Fox, This is a utility vehicle based on the Kitten chassis but it has different back ends. Pickup , truckman and even Tandy camper!!! All the chassis's were galvanised and the trunions have been replaced with ball joints. These are more spacious than either above but are heavier and thus are classed as cars and so the road tax is £145 a year. They are also more expensive to buy than the Robins and all tend to be worse for wear. Some nice ones pop up but cost much more. It still uses the 850cc motor but were produced from 1980's so will be a few years till they become tax exempt. On the plus side they are four wheeled and look totally different to the two above and have better load carrying ability yet can also seat 5 people. Here is a link to one that was sold a few years back but it has good pics etc: http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/34067 So whats the plan. Choose one of these above and then convert it to EFI with the Specialist components hs4 kit or make a kit up. I'm not after more power just better reliability. From my experience with triumphs, after market stock parts tend to just be crap. So replacing them with cheap to replace modern efi parts will be a good upgrade. I'll probably fit headlamp relays if not already fitted and maybe some better quality shocks and maybe replace the seats with something more modern. Job done. This is to be the back up vehicle and winter vehicle. Another alternative I did look at was Triumph Herald Estate but unfortunately the rust in most of these cars in the price range was to much to keep dealing with so fibre glass reliants it is. If anyone can think of any other cheap to run and maintain fibre glass pickups or estates that might fit the bill please fire away but as it stands these are what I'm looking at. Anyone had any experience with these cars??? Whats the thoughts. Chris.
  11. Wow this does look interesting. Not sure how it will handle the power but I'm looking forward to seeing how it all goes. The 160bhp I had was well enough to get moving, I've got another 15-20 with an exhaust chnage but I honestly don't think I need it. I think 160bhp in a spitfire is well enough to drift with even with the LSD. Itiejim is it a spitfire or GT6 yours???
  12. Well, I got up early yesterday morning and removed the last few bits and bobs till the head was read to come off. It didn't look too bad till you realise all the valves are bent outward...... Pistons are marked to but Jon says they will be fine with a clean up as they are quite thick. So I've posted the head back to him for repair today. I'm now away till the end of September so wont be doing anything till them but as soon as I'm back Jon will drive up and he will reassemble the engine and I'll pull the motor to replace the clutch release bearing as its on its way out. Fingers crossed wont be long now til the beast is back on the road. Chris.
  13. Well I got home friday, charged the battery and refitted it today. Unfortunately still no compression. So I then started to strip the top end down. Unfortunately the rain came in just as I was about to remove the head bolts. Will try again tomorrow and see whats gone pop. Chris.
  14. Ok so Jon from shawspeed has checked the motor over and fitted a new crank seal. I wasn't there but he thinks we got away with it as i do but he couldn't test it as the battery was very low and my wife hid the ignition Key. So now I just need to wait till I can get home to charge the battery and fire it up to then drive it back the 500 miles back to camp. The clutch release bearing also needs replaced as this has started to make noise when the pedal is pressed. Unfortunately with work being so busy and me being away for all September into October I wont have chance to sort Spiddy in time for the RBRR2016. As of today I have withdrawn my entry. Good luck to all taking part and if I get chance I'll try to help the martials out. Chris.
  15. Hi John, calm down its all in hand. This is an interference engine, if the belt snaps the valves all get smashed. however you can rebuild them. New from ford they are £2,200. However this was built by shawspeed and they are coming over to fix it. I have total confidence in Shawspeed mate. He is a top bloke. Whatever has gone wrong will be fixed. Chris.
  16. John, wrong engine mate, I've looked at all the parts. No teeth have skipped. There is no key way for this engine, its just the torque setting that holds the pulley and cam belt drive sprocket on. I think it will be fine mate, noise is just the starter there is no noise from the engine. The valves where all closed. Chris.
  17. Ok so i stripped the front end off the engine to have a look. First off was to remove the radiator fan and the plastic cam belt covers to give extra room. Space acquired, this is a case where I knew I might need some space for the front pulley so I designed this to come apart easy using the ford Rad fan on the plastic clips ford supplied. Second job. I then removed the cam cover, the front crank pulley and then the cam belt tensioner. This engine is so easy to work on in a spitfire. So......... The results are looking great!!!! All the valves open, close and snap back shut great, all to the same level. Also looking inside the plug holes I can see no markings. I set the pistons to all the same level, half way down the bores. I then turned the cams round to check the valves and then lined the cams up close to where the timing marks should be. So the plan now is to get Jon from Shawspeed up to my house where he will fit the new crank oil seal. Then re-time the engine, locktight the crank bolt and the timing belt pulley(just to make sure) and then re assemble. Fingers crossed it all starts and runs fine. Job done. Fingers crossed. Chris.
  18. http://vid973.photobucket.com/albums/ae216/CHRIS211083/Mobile%20Uploads/20160722_205017_zpswvp6srpp.mp4
  19. Ok so had a chat with Jon at Shawspeed last night. It turns out that the crank pulley bolt holds both the pulley and the cam belt drive gear in place. I put my hand on it last night and it was finger tight. The crank bolt is a one use item which stretches. Job for today is to remove spark plugs, level off pistons half way down bores and then disconnect cambelt. Then moving the cams by hand see if any buckets stay down. This indicates a bent valve. Fingers crossed though there are not any. I have complete cam belt kit with bolts sat I my room on camp. So the plan is to see what or if damage has been caused and if not then re time another weekend and drive or if damage has been done then engine out and back to Jon for repair. Ill have a look at it today/tomorrow. Chris.
  20. The cam seals arent leaking atall so it must be the front crank seal. Im confused now. Ok so I came to a stop at traffic lights and it conked out? I went to start it and all I could hear was the starter spining. So I thought start isnt engaging.....well its modern so that shouldnt happen.....then I spotted the crank turning but no noise of compression or the engine trying to start. So I instantly thought that the belt had slipped. However it turns out the crank is turning but the crank mounted cam belt drive sprocket is stationary. The cranks turning but the top end isnt moving?? Ive contacted Jon at shawspeed and will wait for his reply.
  21. Ho dear.........Spiddy is dead........ Engine is turning with no resistance. Cam seals were leaking. Must have slipped a cam belt tooth. Wont know till i get it out the car and my shoulder is f*cked. Im also in scotland so miles from my tools. Buggar, no RBRR now...........
  22. Ok So I've been quiet recently, Well thats because there has been nothing to mention. I'm now at 30,000miles and all is well except a couple niggles. First off is the Drivers seat, I'm alot heavier than the average Bear and I'm quite sure triumph didn't have me in mind when they designed these seats. However its had 30,000miles put though it including Hill Climbs and a RBRR. Not to forget the 11hrs drives back to Scotland from camp and its held up well. Unfortunately there is a bit of metal on the seat basket which has Cut its way through the foam. So I ordered another foam from Park Lane Classics and I have started to change the foams. Unfortuately it took over 3 hrs to try and remove all the left over foam that I glues to the cover. This time I'll use less Glue I think but if I was to do this again I would definately order the foam and cover together. New base versus Old.... Another issue is the rear window. I got he Poly Carbonate to make a opening rear hatch for the Spitfire. I though it could wait to be done by just fitting the New screen but the extra flexability of the screen has actuall made the fitting worse as it flexes enough to pop out. If it was a normal GT6 this wouldn't be a problem as the rear hatch is quite strong however the soft thin roof of the T6 really needs reinforcing in my opinion and the curvature of the roof is wrong too but its all fixable. Here it is lifting the seal. I'm off back to Scotland this weekend in the spitfire to collect the parts and fibreglass needed to fit a rear hatch and maybe the rear opening quarterlights too. Will be nice to be home as its been a couple months since I've been there. More when it happens.......
  23. If you get your current shoes relined you can have whatever lining you want, there is a place in Sheffield I think. Chris.
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