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A First Blog Post



So, I'm going to start blogging about spitfire tweaking. I've been pretty busy last year with non-car related stuff (read: the business that pays my rent), so no racing, no fiddling, and not mutch Spitfire at all. Now I'm going to clean up the garage, reload the starter batteries, wipe the dust from the cars, and pick up again the work where I stopped: get a new TÃœV for the road car, build a new exhaust for the racer, and get the front suspension sorted: new dampers, modify the a-arms to get track width and camber right.


Will I be racing this year? I have no clue yet, but since a slightly changed business is even more time consuming than ever, I'm really not sure about it. But I descided to create no pressure for this, fine if I can make it happen, but I'm not going to sacrifice mental health for it, or risk to appear at the track with a poorly prepped car, that happened to often in 2009 to me. I'm not going to make that mistake again -- too expensive for too little fun.


I will try to keep this updated with results and pictures when I have some results to present.


Have fun,



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