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The Story So Far.

Steve's Vit6


Hello all,


I've only just joined so I thought I would put a few words together.

Ok, I've got a 1964 Vitesse 6 that has previously had its body restored, a 2000 engine from a MK2 saloon fitted along with a overdrive unit and a Swing spring at the rear. The interior was completely replaced and looked very good when I purchased it 2 years ago.

Since owning, I've replaced the battery which failed 1 hr after buying the car, don't you just love some sellers.

It also pulled badly to the left. Various tyre shops couldn't fix it, so it went to Jim Stokes and £400 later I find I've got a bent chassis by 6mm but packing and setting of the castor and camber by them she's now perfect.

Replaced both tread plate panels and fitted oversize circlips to the uj's to stop slow speed knocking.

Fiddled with the choke settings so that a clothes peg is not needed so much too hold the choke on.Shame it's not fitted with a twist and lock knob.

General tuning etc of ignition and carbs. Originally fitted needles seemed to be to weak across the range judging by its performance and colour of the plugs. So I'm now using reprofiled needles that are better but I'm sure not perfect. Need a RR.

Two weeks ago I fitted an alternator kit from C.Witor after modifying the internals of an old rectifier unit.

So now plan to fit a kenlowe type fan, pertronix and then 2500 manifold with either HS4's or 6's.

If I can find a good 6-3-1 manifold then that will go on too.

Need to replace the front springs to lower the front as it looks like its dragging its a*se with the swing spring fitted.

The rear shockers also feel as they are nearly bottoming out so any rear passengers end up doing great impersinations of Churchill the dog.

Sorry got carried away, this was only supposed to be a few words. :)

More to follow!!


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