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Thought Id Be The First



Thought id be the first to start a blog.


With regards to the car, not much is happening, focus has changed. Car is going to be made as std racing spec as possible, classic race series is out my budget but if i make it stock performance i should be able to manage a hillclimb or two a year.


I got the all clear from the hospital yesterday, leg is now at 95% strength after 7 months of healing, however it still needs some work. As such a race licence is a no go for 12 months until the give me the 100% status. More importantly i've been banned from snowboarding for another year and a half which is just shit.


Job situation may change things once again, if i do get formally offered the new job everything will change again, i cant take the car with me so it will end up going into storage.


So all in big changes ahead.


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