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    • Lets give the new forum a bit of test then........ Tuesday 5th saw team Skip set out for Somerset for Dover port en-route to Lille. We met a few friends on the way....... I'm always amused by the reactions of the other motorists when they discover what we're up to...... In Lille we visited a very large supermarche (Auchan) to get supplies.  We also bought a huge pizza which became dinner, and later, lunch. While waiting for that, we stood next to this which is mobile phone charger where you have to generate your own electric......  Didn't see anyone try it though. Then to the Hotel F1........  It wasn't luxurious in any way, but it was clean and very cheap.  The clientelle were quite, err, diverse! Next morning was an early start as we had to get to my Aunt's house near Bern in Switzerland at a decent hour and it's the best part of 500 miles.  My cunning "shortcut" using free Belgian motorways backfired badly when we got stuck in appalling traffic and had to queue to 30 minutes to get about 500m to the nearest exit eventually sneaking the last 50m up the hard shoulder following a local.  Amazingly most traffic was staying on...... Rejoined the official route in Luxembourg and filled up with (relatively) cheap fuel.  Down more motorway to the Vosges mountains.  There are some superb roads and scenery but the weather was not co-operating and the higher we went the wetter and murkier it got so we cut some of the wiggly bits and headed for faster roads. Passed this highly unusual beastie going the other way - he wasn't on the run but was no doubt aware of it (Not my pic) Passed into Switzerland at Basle without hitch having already bought our motorway toll sticker.  Unusually the traffic was ok-ish.  Didn't last.  The Swiss build a really nice motorway..... but not big enough! Still made it to Aunties for 6.30pm as promised. To be continued.......
    • Hi,  I bought the Witor "Blueprinted" pump a while ago. Will get it fitted soon. Taking it into work on Wednesday to get it pro measured and will post results Thursday. A tight pump is much better for pumping oil. I have a gallon of M1 FS 0W40 ready to go in.
    • Yeah..... bring on the donate button........ But rest and recuperate first!! Nick
    • After an exhausting few days, Craig must be lying in a darkened room with a wet handkerchief over his face, for some well desreved rest. Wanting to show my support and appreciation of Sideways and it's stalwart team,  I looked at the top thread on this forum, about "Putting yer money where yer mouh is" but that's from 2012!    If that's on your to do list, Craig, please tell us how and where?  In 2012, £10 a year was the suggested support.  The Bank of England inflation calculator tells me that that was £11 in 2016, and the fall in the Pound's value since the Brexit vote wil have taken that to £12.   Can we all agree to give that to Sideways, if we can afford it?   I will, gladly. JOhn
    • Well as always, it's taken longer than I thought.     Some stuff is still broken, and some has started working nicely. One big upgrade is the ability to drag and drop pictures straight into the editor. It's not perfect, and I still need to spend a night or two updating the donation section, and fixing the garage, but I like to think that Sideways is like most of our cars...  A work forever in progress. Cheers C  
    • Nick,   To add detail, alot of the repro pumps have very crap tolerances.  The critical ones are the gaps between the lobes of the inner and outer gears which are easy enough to measure with feeler gauges and also between the end of the gears and the faceplate.   You can't do anything about the gap between the gears - out of tolerance = bin food.  However, the gap between the end of the gears and the faceplate can be fixed by lapping the pump body on a sheet of glass with a piece of 400 grade wet of dry paper laid face up on it.  You can go down to 0.001" on a cool day.  You can also reface the faceplate in the same way if it is scored   like this http://tr6.danielsonfamily.org/OilPump.htm   Also check bearings.  It's possible to change all with the engine in the car though the front main is a real PITA due to the bridge piece so I usually leave that one unless the rest are bad.  The bottom shell on the centre main wears worst (most thump on it) followed by the rear main and the front wears least.   If you find problems with the oil pump then there is a good chance the bearings are fine. The pressures you give should not lead to problems yet though the long wait for pressure after starting might.  Does it knock before the pressure comes up?  If not then it's pretty likely the bearings are still good.   Nick
    • Cant see any tuck under! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeoKCJNI-k4
    • I would say that the oil pump fitted now had crap clearances.  Fit a decent one.   You can drop the sump and change the pump with the engine in.  Not a very nice job but less work than pulling the engine.   Nick
    • The slow building of oil pressure at start up is probably an oil filter with a rubbish anti-drain valve. If you can get an oil filter adapter that is 3/4UNF rather than the standard 5/8UNF it opens up a massive choice of filters you can use. I was getting 4/5 seconds of the death rattle on start-up on recently rebuilt engine, but got an 3/4UNF adapter and fitted a Mann W724/1 filter and I now get nothing, even if the car has been standing for a few days.   You can read more about it here: http://forum.tssc.org.uk/index.php?/topic/2670-oil-filters/   Darren 
    • Couple of things to check before you open it up (if you haven't done them already)   Have you tried a different oil pressure gauge (always worth knowing that what you are looking at is correct)   Pull and check the oil pressure relief valve, I have see these stuck open, the plunger can jamb open on the spring.   Alan
    • Gents (and Ladies if there happen to be any lurking out there!),   In this Bookface dominated dystopian environment for forums, it's encouraging to see such support for a repository of knowlege like Sideways.  Facebook is a wonderful resource for immediate answers, but it sucks balls when it comes to being a library of reference and searchable wisdom.  Sites like this remain priceless for those features, but they so often fall by the wayside because the web isn't free.     So, a very big "Thank You" for the promise of continued support.   Of course, I must warn you that the Trimble family motto is "Always take the money.", so if Mark Zuckerburg or his minions offer me anything over 5 Million, I'll sell out the lot of you in a heartbeat...   Meanwhile, I'll get on with the changes.  The line of least resistance to do so is to put a hold on posting for a couple of days so can I get a number of different and redundant backup of where we are right now.  The next step will be to do a test upgrade, and see what breaks.     If it's not too much, I'll put the upgrade on line for 48 hours for testing and comment.  Or, if it's all broken, I'll wind back to a backup and come up with a new plan.   Either way, change is a coming.  Time to annoy some electrons.   C.
    • My engine were rebuild some 10.000 miles ago, and has after the rebuild always suffered from oilpressureproblems. The main problems are:   1: Appr. 5 seconds to build oilpressure. I have tried different oilfilters without result 2: Low pressure - less than 10 psi on hot tick-over. About 40-50 psi @3000 rpm when hot   After completing 10CR last week, I decided action must be taken. Therefore I am pulling the engine this winter (if time permits) and hope I can escape by changing the shells. A NOS oilpump has been purchased and will hopefully help a bit.   Any suggestions for what to check for when the engine is open?   Cheers   Nick
    • very happy to donate again. Thanks for all your efforts.   Martin
    • Might make Wiscombe a bit less Scarry too!   I have had it in mind, but the frequent engine rebuilds in previous years have eaten most of my budget, hopefully now resolved, only a few more events this season!   Will have to do some research and find out how much a custom front cage might cost.   Alan
    •   OTU, You really should get a front roll hoop, braced to the back.    Even when it's bolted to the floor boards, ir makes the whole car much, much stiffer!   John