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Printable Degree Wheel for ECU/MEGAJOLT ETC

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Thanks Dave, I was after one of them. You have been reading this thread. http://www.sideways-technologies.co.uk/forum/Blah.pl?m-1203272749/

May I recommend that this is done with the pulley removed as slapping it on without squaring up tdc and bdc may lead you to produce an inaccurate reading.

Options might be to print it onto a metal painted disk using a cd printer or get a sheet of label type white paper. A metal disk may be difficult to apply, I haven't thought that far ahead, whilst a sticker may not last. Perhaps it would be a good idea to subtley mark bdc to apply another sticker accuratelty, but not cause you to confuse tdc and bdc. Anyone with a timing gun will know that without tippex markings cannot be read.

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Hi to all, Iam new to the group Iam interested in the Megajolt printable Degree Wheel will that be good for setting up on a Toyota Lexus ls 400 V8 ( 1UZ-FE ) Engine.


If so please could you advise me how to scale it down to 5-11/16" out side diameter it would be very much appreciated, thank you for a Great Forum


Best Regards



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