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No arguement with Nick!  Just to add, check that cover is not twisted.   Should sit flat on a flat surface, like a table.  No chinks of light if you hide a torch inside it!  Untwisting by hand can correct it.


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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

Look pretty excellent to me.

Tip for fitting the rocker cover gasket. Clean both mating surfaces and thoroughly degrease the rocker cover. 

Put a thin smear of grease on the cylinder head surface.

Now stick the cork gasket to the rocker cover with a good quality silicone gasket goo (victor reinz is my current fave) and smear a layer on the head facing surface too - in fact I typically aim to fully encapsulate the cork in in a thin layer of silicone.

Then fit the cover as usual. Do not over-tighten.

The grease on the head surface means the rocker cover and gasket come away clean removal and you can re-use indefinitely. The one on the Vitesse has been in service at least a decade on two engines and survived multiple removal/refit cycles.


Super - thanks, Nick

I see you use a cork gasket.  Persuing Rimmers, it appears they offer a silicone version specifically for the alloy rocker cover, but at a premium.  Not worth it, I assume..?




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Silicone supposed to be re-usable multiple times,i put one on my new 1500 engine but the roller rockers fouled the alloy cover,had to use cork.


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7 hours ago, PaulAA said:

silicone version specifically for the alloy rocker cover, but at a premium

The was a guy in the US making these as a sideline donkeys years ago. They were quite reasonable. I mailed him to order a couple but he had none in stock and was, err, relaxed, about when he might get around to making more. Ok, mail me when.....

..... still waiting. Meanwhile I’ve discovered the above technique and my need has gone away :smile:

Silicone coated cork is working just fine for me. Even seems to last better than the moulded rubber ones VAG use. LH cam cover on the A8 is weeing on the exhaust manifold. I’ve already changed the RH one.

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I put a silicone one on my 1300fwd steel rocker cover and it does seal well. But heavier than cork and awkward to fit - I usually use a dab of grease to stick cork onto rocker cover but this needed something stickier. Thought I'd give it a try after some leaks at rear of cover.

Bought it off someone on ebay, IIRC

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Healthy looking cylinder pressures.
It's perhaps worth looking at the oil seals.  The inlets are the more critical as engine vacuum will suck oil down (you probably only have inlet seals?).
A good test is the overtaking manoeuvre....  floor the throttle for a few seconds with the engine at high speed / high load, then back off the throttle completely.  Spirals of blue smoke from the exhaust show the oil being drawn down the inlet guides.

Have a friend follow behind to watch / film the behaviour

It sounds like you'd have the advantage of seeing and comparing the results from front and rear cylinders with your exhaust arrangement.

Oil seals can be changed without removing the head as I'm sure you're all aware.  Nylon string stuffed into the cylinder will allow you to depress the valve cap to remove the collets with the valve reacting against the string.

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