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J type o/d and spitfire o/d gearbox put back together

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I have diverged from my project build thread as this might get complicated


Quite a while ago I "won" an ebay auction for an o/d, gearbox and bell housing for a 1500 spitty, they were in 3 parts and described as bought from a previous owner who stated "it failed in 4th when o/d not engaged". Quizzing the guy who I bought it off and found out thats the only info he received when he bought the bits. I have done a bit of visual inspection and there doesnt seem to be anything obviously wrong. My plan is to connect the 3 bits back together and build a j type o/d test bed as seen on a few youtube vids. The three separate parts seem complete and just need screwing together but how? Looks at a few exploded diagrams but they all are of each separate bit not connected together

The first question concerns the location of 2 circlips and spacer washer pictured. Where do they go?


Initially I thought the large one went here


But there already is a circlip on the bearing that sits in that recess.


I have no idea where the spacer washer or the smaller circlip goes by they are of a similar size.

The next question is what goes here in the hole?


Is it the rod from the selector like so?


Third question I assume there is a certain setup in the gearbox you need to select when first setting up the box with the o/d, can someone advise?


Any help gratefully received :D




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It looks to me as though the circlips large and small, plus the spacer, are extras. There should be two large ones, one around each of the big ball-races, and those are in place. The spacer and small circlip go on the mainshaft behind the rear bearing and it looks like they are there too.

The selector rod goes as you say.

As regards testing the OD, fair plan which will prove whether or not is basically working. However, if there is an issue with the one way sprag  clutch in it not holding (as we’ve talked of before) I don’t think you’ll detect it as you won’t be able to put enough load on it. Likewise with slip due to worn linings, though if there is a linings problem the sump and strainer will be full of fur and slime to give the game away. The spaghetti clutch is a known issue particularly in 77/78 built units IIRC.

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NKC17 assembly in the middle. Not quite sure how you can visually tell if it knackered.... and as far as I can see it would cause slip in all gears and likely worse in the lower gears.

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