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Vitesse Radiator with 2 fans

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Hello All

               I have been having a measure up and this is what I have found

1st photo 2 at the new o/d

2nd old and new 

Others made oval.

I was thinking of getting rid of the centre bolt and the carb ones in the lid as I want to use c/sk or socket heads on radiused ram pipes

So it looks to me as if they will fit made oval I will fit some tags inside to hold the shape and position.

I did think about one large o/d one and squashed oval but I can find the o/d but not squashy?






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Hello All

             My new VW filters arrived today and I think they will be good

Old one 150mm Dia new 160mm Dia and only 0.5mm thicker and rubber faced so will squash!

1st photo 1 old and 1 new

2nd photo 1 old 1 new made oval

3rd photo an out line of them all

4th photo old sitting on top of new oval

On the 3rd photo I have marked were the rib needs to be flattened out

So that is what I am going for and get rid of the bolts through filter(so as to leave the radiused stub stack clear) and fit some around edge somewhere.






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Hello All

              Well I am committed now!

Bashed out a bit of the ribs and drilled 5mm holes to fix front to back and I will braze some flanged nuts on the back and use flanged bolts from the front


ps I will  braze a few tags inside to keep the filter in the right place. 


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Hello All

              To those who may be still interested this is how I decided to locate the air filters. (a bit over engineered again!)

Just some flanged nuts to braze on the back and ready for painting.



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