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building an electric herald....

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As I cant really use the Herald at the moment I have decided to build a new car.

This will based on a 1;43 scale herald with full electric power and remote control.... :)

Started with a very small RF remote control car and a dismantled model Herald. I am going to extendimage.thumb.png.594b054ca54bf41f11bbc028a9dff2d3.png 

the chassis to fit the herald wheel base base and change the front  steering to run bigger front wheels (that match the rears).
The power steering is from  two coils acting on a magnet attached to the steering mechanism. Trunnion less and cut from a remote control mouse... 

The power is from a 1/4AAA NiCad battery, rear wheel drive but with the engine in the boot!

Looks like it will all fit, quite like the low rider look.....


just need to machine a new chassis and fit it all in.
To be continued.



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designed a 'chassis' and cut it on my very cheap and rather nasty CNC router.

not happy with the design so remade it and cut it from black Perspex milled down to 3mm thick.



this fits between the motor and steering sub frames ...


glued together and added the electronics. 


motor works and it will drive backwards and forwards. just need to sort out wiring for the steering which are these very fine wires. Polarity is important as the coils generate a magnetic field that act on a small magnet attached to the steering mechanism. Will probably test with a PSU before connecting to the PCB.


 tomorrows fun will be the steering wiring and fitting it to the body. :)


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All finished and working but already feel a need to upgrade the motor and battery for better performance. :)


Have got a video of it running around the kitchen but not sure I can upload a video directly.


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