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Movement of Motorsport Vehicles Post-Brexit

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This is the title of a page on the MotorsportUK website.  https://www.motorsportuk.org/movement-of-motorsport-vehicles-post-brexit/?fbclid=IwAR3hb4QEHQjXojZtWZaQdbm9TAX4PKi5cZCr5fdfH7dVqHffiAdUPd02JrA

It states that from now, any motorsport vehicle - presumably one not driven into Europe on the usual road taxation and insurance - will require:

- an ATA carnet, costing £240

- and either a deposit of 40% of the car's worth, or a insurance premium for that amount.   The premium may be a similar amount and is non-returnable.

This may be tenable for pro-teams but will be ruinous for amateurs who may go to compete abroad once a year!

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12 minutes ago, MilesA said:

Good grief. And what possible commercial risk is this designed to manage or mitigate?


I guess to stop people importing vehicles by the back door? Can't come up with any other reason, and my brain can be devious at times. 

Yes, it will put paid the idea of towing your car to Spa for a trackday. And I have seen a poor soul with his GT6 at the TSSC campsite at Le Mans. He had trailered it there, ran it off the trailer at the campsite and I think he sat next to it for the duration of the event. At least he was always there when I was walking past. Guess he won't be going again? or is a taxed/road legal car allowed to be trailered? I suppose recovery must be allowed. 

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