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I've only owned this car for a few weeks but the tinkering has started, it has already been converted to twin HS6 SU's, TR5 PI cam, tubular exhaust manifold and a twin pipe sports system, the ignition was via an Accuspark distributor. Today I fitted a 123 Tune+ dizzy, I used a map I found for a Mk2, the car runs ok but it's not quite right, there's definitely some hesitancy under acceleration at lower RPM. Does anyone have any 123 maps for the MK1 2000cc engine?

The map I'm currently using is as follows:

500   13.0

1000 13.0

1400 16.0

2300 26.6

3500 34.4

5000 40.0

5900 40.0

8000 40.0 

In normal times I'd be able to tweak settings & road test, obviously a challenge right now.



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Sure my MS ignition maps for Vitesse and PI are on here somewhere......... but I’ll post em again when at at my computer.

I’d say you could stand some more at 1400, but 34 at 3500 is too much and so is 40 at 5000. Risk of piston damage.

Presume those are the full load numbers but the part throttle numbers are also very relevant, especially at lower rpm.

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Vitesse Mk2 2 EFI with 6-3-1

Vitesse MS2.JPG

Same again but PH3/PH2 hybrid cam

Vitesse PH3 20102016.JPG

However, if I'm understanding right you have a Mk1 engine with TR5 cam so no particular reason why these'll be right.  The safest and most reliable way to get the full load timing above 4k rpm is on a rolling road with rpm hold.  Also great for setting part throttle cruise areas for best torque and thus best fuel economy.

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Thanks Nick, I will look to get it on a RR as soon as practicable, I will probably rebuild the carbs first to establish a decent datum, they are ex Sprint HS6's but I have no idea what needle/spring combination is in there, they don't appear recently reworked.


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