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Hi all

Father Christmas brought me a Dragy GPS  Performance box for Christmas.

It can measure 0-30, 0-60, 60-130, etc, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 mile etc. Plus lots more. 

Seen good reviews on YouTube, extremely accurate when compared to drag strip times. It validates a time based on the inclination of the road, so no going down hills..

Not tried it yet, but down loaded the app that the Dragy connects to. Iam not great at navigating apps on a phone or any device to be honest, but lots of options, world wide leader board of thousands of cars where you go view their garage, details of cars mods, specs and times. Every make of car is listed. Small device, rectangular approximately size of a BIC lighter, with a magnetic base.

Wanted it so that I can measure what mods make a measurable difference, and for track days where I can push the car to the max. 



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sounds a handy bit of kit. I got given something similar years ago, but relied on an accelerometer so difficult to set up. 

But I reckon the 1/4 mile is a very good measure if a cars performance, much more so than the 0-60.

Trouble I have is finding a flat bit of road. (That has nobody else about)

I got given a new woolly hat! Oh and te kids bought me a new tent. Actually I am quite excited about that, it is a decathlon blackout tent, and after "trying" them when on holiday in the south of France, they are great at keeping dark and cool inside.

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Both sound like fun!

Shall we do, what I had for Xmas?

I had a model kit, Ford GT40 MkII, that I can experiment with liveries on, for the Other Project.    And two videos, Bullitt, my favourite, and I don't have a copy, Son must have searched the rack the last time he was here, and "Apollo 11".    Even after 50 years, the Moon landings were one of the most exciting events in my lifetime.    The Apollo 13 film was a dramatisatiion and a great movie, so the real thing will be even better!

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Did you get a telescope, for Xmas, RR?

The asnwwr is that the buggy is just too small for a telescipe peering through the Earh's atmosphere, however big.    The Hubble, perhaps, but it has more importnat tasks.    We CAN see the tracks of the buggy though!   And the LRV, the Lunar Rver Vehicle, the Buggy, on the right hand edge of the pic, with, central, the remains of the Apollo lander.      You will note, this pic was taken by the LROC, the Lunar Reconnaisance Orbiter Camera, still working as it orbits the Moon.  A moon of the Moon!

A picture of the Apollo 17 landing site taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter which, as the name implies, was in orbit around the Moon when it took these rec

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