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Hi all,

My brand new heater valve started leaking after only a few miles.

Hoping for some guidance I did a search on the forum.  It seems I am not alone......
Nick is particularly vocal - and the solution he posts (as pasted below) looks very similar to what I need.  There is also a picture of my arrangement (with original valve) below.

Where did the valve come from Nick?  ...and has it proven reliable?

Any other suggestions?




My arrangement:



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I have the same on the 6 cyl. It's an OE valve from the International Harvester model Scout.

They were very difficult to get hold on, whenI was looking for one. I bought one from Amazon about 10 years ago.




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Valve is used on many older US cars. Also a popular mod for TR6s in the US.

Pretty sure that I’ve seen them for sale as upgrades by a UK TR specialist but at a fairly unreasonable price.

However they are not easy to come in Europe even though a valve from the same maker is used in black cabs.

I think I bought mine from Rock Auto. It was cheap. The shipping was not cheap. And then the tax man got me....

IIRC the hose stub is 5/8”(16mm) not 1/2”.

Does work well. I hate the Smiths valve copies. Total crap.

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I did the Four Seasons valve on my TR6.  It is a much better part than the original.  Nick is correct, though, the hose barb is for 5/8 ID hose as opposed to the 1/2 ID hose on the TR.  The hose will go on, though.



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4 hours ago, flatter4 said:


...and Ed, the yellow machine looks gorgeous from the close up.

Almost too good to run and allow oil leaks and heat to spoil everything!

everything Ed does looks gorgeous - have a look at his blog. WOW!!!



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