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Perhaps over-ambitious for a novice like me, I couldn't resist buying a forlorn-looking part-dissembled 1966 Spitfire which has been hanging around on eBay for a while. 

I've had an unhealthy hankering for a mk1 or 2 for a while. Two years ago I bought a mk2 engine, for no good reason. It's just sat in the corner waiting for a purpose. Eventually a not-completely-rotten abandoned project car minus the right engine finally came up, and not very far away. Someone else was bidding on it too, so the final price wasn't exactly a bargain but I'm quite pleased at the moment. 

Not really sure what my plan for it is, other than I want to learn to weld and try patching up some of the rotten holes. This might be very naive though, it's rotten in awkward places, and the repair panels are flipping expensive. Worst case scenario, I can drop my engine in it, give it a bit of a tidy, and I'm sure I can recoup what it cost me. 

Anyway here she is. No doors or windscreen surround, so if anyone has spares please let me know. She came with a Toledo 1300 engine and 3-rail gearbox, plus some assorted bits in crates. 



Floorpans and rear wings were replaced sometime before the previous owner gave up



The front end is going to require some attention though. Severely rotten grill surround, sidelight mounts, wheelarch area. Plus I prodded a hole in the chassis while investigating :blink:



Further back from that it doesn't seem as bad. Frilly here and there but sound in many places. Anyway I'll soon find out how unrealistic my expectations are I suppose... 


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1 hour ago, Nick Jones said:

Masochist! :biggrin:

Going to NEED to learn to weld by the looks...... Essential life skill for a Triumph owner anyway I reckon :tongue:

Well yeah... I have partly rationalised this purchase because my mk3 Spit needs some remedial work on the bonnet. But it's mostly good and original, so I can practice on this basket case mk2 and then do a good job on my good car. I tell myself this approach makes sense... 

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1 hour ago, TimBancroft said:

Hi Pete, 

Did the car come from a bloke in Finchampstead in Berkshire?

Yes Tim, do you know him or it? It was advertised a few times before going auction, I was sure it had a windscreen frame in an earlier ad but the seller claimed it didn't.

I am interested in your frame! There are other priorities on my wallet, but windscreen frames don't come up that often. Yeah I'll drop you an email thanks. 

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