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Took some photos today of my Dad's TR6 as it's got a peculiar furring around the coolant hoses. It looks like dried coolant that's leaked, but it seems to be leaking out of each end of the hose fairly evenly?

At first we thought perhaps it's run down from somewhere in the water pump housing, but can't see any leaks when it runs, and it doesnt seem to follow a path that a drip might take - maybe the fibre washer in the blanking plug, or from the top thermostat hose. The furring is at each end of the water pump housing < > radiator bottom hose, quite thickly, but also seems to be starting to come out of the cross section of the cut hose at the thermostat housing?!?

Could it be that the hoses are porous in some way at the cut ends? The furring has been very gradual and come on over about 3 years or so, and I promise the hoses are done up properly and we've been checking that. The white stuff you see on the top hose is not the inner reinforcement, it's the very same furring as lower down.




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Hi Richard,

new to me. I think your dad's TR6 engine bay needs more grubbiness to hide the white fur.


Seriously what coolant is in there - it should be the 'old' fashion blue stuff with borate etc  NOT the modern orange stuff

Could it be lime scale if you are in a hard water area.

Have you considered fitting silicone hoses - they are a bit pricey though.



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Haha I agree Roger! :biggrin: I keep complaining that it needs to be driven more.

Definitely blue stuff with distilled water out of the dehumidifier when I've changed it, though I can't remember if I was the last one to do so or whether he had it done at a service. It does look rather like limescale doesn't it.

I think he'd shy away from silicone hoses based on cost/benefit, especially if it can be brushed off like you say Colin. I will give it a try and see how long it takes to come back...

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Evaporite deposits showing slight weepage.  Usually blue/green (old fashioned anti-freeze) or pink/orangey (modern OAT stuff) but it depends on the antifreeze.  Probably nothing to fuss about...... or a cue to dismantle and carefully re-seal for those with more severe OCD afflictions....

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If coolant is getting into the fabric of the hose wall and seeping out of the cut end (last pic above), then the rubber lining is breached and disintegration cannot be far behind.    Urgent hose relacement indicated!

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