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Had this for close to 9 years, sold it to make way for the 76 Spitfire, partly as I was tired of mud... Used to trial it in RTV which is basically an off road slalom to see how far you can get before getting stuck or hitting a cane.  Two approaches, as fast as possible when needed or slow and steady trying to keep at least three wheels on the ground as your not allowed locking diffs in the axles, only a centre lock diff in the transfer box.  Lowest overall score for the day wins - a bit like horse jumping.


Suspension is king, you can only modify it a little so take the springs of the front and move them to the back as 90 front springs are 50lbs inch softer than rears.  On the front run Range Rover classic police spec front springs as they are softer and longer so end up about the right length.  No point having a 2" or 4" lift as that just increases the chance of ending up on your side :)  You might want to shave a little bit of the bump stops as well but you need to have them in place. 

Does make driving to and from events interesting as it rolls around like a drunk pig being as soft as it was.  None of your poly bushes either, rubber always seemed to work best as it seemed to allow more axle movement, especially for the front axle.  Sneeky people used to butcher the bushes on the front radius arms as they are often the limiting factor for getting the front axle to move up in the arches as high as possible.



Occasionally the trees would win.  Bumpers and wings are consumable items.



Not really like owning a Triumph but a lot of fun all the same.  Think it was time for a change.  My wife likes the Triumph, she never really got the Land Rover thing... other than the one day in the year when it would snow and she would need a lift!

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Hello Ian 

                They are best left for the Army or Farmers that they were originally built for!

Except the V8 Chelsea Tractors!(because those curbs are high!) 

Still we will plant some trees for you!!!!!!!

another small rant over(blame the vino!)


ps our old Triumphs are I think eco friendly! so we burn a bit of oil and you can not suck on the exhaust but they are 40+ years old not 3!!!!! so pollution levels  are low

Plus do not get us started on plastic etc!

another small rant its the wine again!

but this Covid S**t is the BIG worry especially to my age group and I see the things on tv and I am ashamed to be British! yet another rant bottle empty now so bed

sorry about all this I blame the drink and Trump(he  he)  

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Interesting. My local general motor club (Woolbridge MC) does a lot of what they call “car trials” which includes classes for 4 x 4 and specials.  It includes single venue events (quarries, woods, hillsides) and long distance events with special sections (green lanes and field) linked by road sections.  I’ve marshalled on quite a few now. Surprising how far you can get in a largely standard road car if you don’t like it very much!

My boss has an early 90 Defender V8 rather like your one.  Now with a TVR 4.0 and MS3.  Reckon time to stock up on transmission parts methinks!

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I have marshalled at a few car club trials and its one of the best days out.  You see all manner of cars, Beatles to Bentleys having a go at the sections.

Have seen a couple of TR7s in the past.

The general recipe for success appears to be.

  1. light weight car
  2. single digit tyre pressures for on section and the ability to blow the tyres back up quickly to drive to the next section.
  3. skinny tyres
  4. an unhealthy disregard to revs, valve springs etc.
  5. a passenger whos athletic and doesnt mind throwing themselves around the car to bounce it through the tricky parts.
  6. see point 3
  7. point 3 again

Very very rare to actually have to recover anyone.  Only if they broke something with the heavy application of right foot!

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Watched a very quick Landrover 90 at a Brands Hatch track day several years ago. Marginally lower than standard, going around bends sideways. Really surprising, I was waiting for if to roll, but the driver had lots of confidence and just got quicker, and sat pretty flat into the corners. Looked like a standard 90 from the outside, but obviously lots done under the skin, no indication it was a Bowler, but very well sorted and quick.  I would love to modify a series 3 as a fast road vehicle, better get the triumphs sorted first, maybe one day!

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I think I first saw the Armed Force Rally Team at work on the Pirelli.   Most impressive, by far the largest, highest vehicles in National grade motorsport!  (I except truck racing which is an abomination)   I may even be on this video, somewhere!


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