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Help!   Once again I appear before the Common Room asking for computer help!  I'm sending this from.my phone.

This morning, my PC told that it needed to upgrade and would turn itself off shortly to do so.  It came back on again, but the spinning blobs went round, and round and ... 

 I left it to it, and came back after several hours, whereupon it went through the usual opening sequence - and then went black.

Its working, as I can get the Task Manager up.   That has been showing a cycle of high disk use followed by almost none, with a five second cycle.   Just now its gone to almost 100 disk access and is sticking there.  Memory is 41%, CPU 50-70% varying, occasional bursts of WiFi access.

The Processes list is the usual host of programs, inc. TEN copies of Edge, but I'm not capable of saying what's missing.

Now back to cycling disc access., twenty mins later.    Advice,please?


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I turned it off, and went away for a few hours.  Came back, turned it on.   Usual sequence, HP logo, rolling blobs, but also a message, "We are updating" and  count up in %.   When it got to 100, brief red screen and message "Windows is updating" and now its back to the black screen and rolling blobs.  Ah! Red screen " configuring Windows updated 96% -  complete. Don't turn off".  Now I have my usual signing screen , clock and date in botoom.corner and I can enter my PIN.    It accepts that - and I'm in!

WHAT was all that about??? An update shouldn't take that long, or cause that much grief!


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