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Had to go shopping for some bits needed for dinner.  Cant get much in the boot... Liking how she's looking now. Just need the summer to hurry up.

That is a very tidy car Richard by the way

Never really understood the apetite in the classic car market for the sex shop look, looks much better now to my eyes at least.

Posted Images

So new tyres this morning so hopefully less chance of ending up in a ditch as the old ones were 10 years young...


Rear drive shaft off.  UJ didnt appear anywhere near as bad as it did when I was poking it with a screwdriver.


Got stuck, thankfully @rogerguzzi was an absolute gent with the loan of tools and ultimatly an hour or more of his time this afternoon.  Thank you Roger!

Back together loosely. Time to tighten things up in the morning as I want a beer now.


Decided to give the brakes a good bleeding and replace the fluid as I reckon its been sometime since that was done.

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Hello Ian

               I have examined and measured to old one and I think worked out what was wrong with it apart from being loose!

As you saw all the needle roller were present but the fit on the cross yoke was very loose so I measured the pin and it is 0.578 which is 37/64" dia

I held the cross in the vice and tried the moving the bearing cup with a DTI on it and it moved about 0.004" to 0.005" from side to side !!!!!!!!

I could not be bothered to measure the cup and rollers.

But I wonder if if it is a case of imperial and metric getting mixed up? as if the pin was 0.5807 it would be 14.75mm(still odd but would be a good fit?)

I did the same on a good GKN one and the play was 0.001" which about right!

This old one was marked GKN??? but had rubber seals not the steel and rubber on the good one

I think on a prop shaft it would be ok but Triumph drive shafts put loads on them that they were not really designed for?


ps the moral of the story is buy good ones unless you want to do it often!

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Hello Nick

                 The UJ  looked perfect not a mark on it?

The new one we fitted in Ian's is that tight now it has no chance of clicking !

We managed to squeeze a 0.003" thicker circlip in (it always seems wrong to be that tight!)


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Hello All

             I have had another measure of it this morning and I was right the cup is oversize or the pin or the rollers under size as there is 0.005" clearance! 

So either it is a GKN Chinse copy or like Lucas stuff just a name on the box etc!




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Hello Ian

               I suppose that is good news as you would not want another like the one we changed.

Is the car click free now?

This shows the 2 types the right hand one is the one that was either faulty on made to a different standard(Cr*P)





ps I wonder what will be next? Still that's the joy of these old cars never a dull day as they say!

But the upside is the more of these jobs you do apart from learning you will gain confidence in the car to go long distances when things get better!

Photos from TSSC forum were there is a big write up about these

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All good thanks Roger. Just had a quick run round the lanes.  Think I can tick that job off. Thanks again for your help yesterday!

Sure the car will find something else sometime, old cars always will.

Spent a little time to purge the old brakefluid out and replace with new.  Think it needed doing!  It doesnt surprise me though as the car has done 1500 miles in the last 10 years so some recommissioning is to be expected.



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If that's all it has done then I would say it's reasonable to expect the next year of use to be a bit of a shake-down.

For my car it seemed to take a year or two before I got to a sort of equilibrium point with it, where regular work and an increased amount of driving got it in fine fettle.

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Hello Ian

              I have the drills and taps you need an a plug or 2


Ps it can be done on the car an as for swarf you can just swill a bit of petrol/white spirit though

I run mine on Redline oil a bit expensive but as nick says there is not much of it in there and it works hard on motorways and in hot countries must make it worse!

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So windscreen wipers were wired back to front on thw switch, fast speed then slow speed. 


Wiper park was not working to well either only parking 1 time out of 10 perhaps.  Swapping wires on position 2 and 4 of the wiper switch has the wipers back under control and touch wood then seem to park consistently now so thats a nice quick cheap fix.

Had to listen to my OCD and swapped the number plates for some nice shiny new ones, front was cracked so that needed to change for sure.



Need to sort the mainbeam flash next, so will be taking the switch out to see if I can work out why thats not doing the business.

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