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Hi folks

whilst this is on my TR3A it’s more about the hi torque starter that I know are used by many.

so posting here as well as elsewhere it may help others?

Thursday I attended a very good friend and ex colleague funeral. I went in the TR3a as we had some good times in it and his wife liked the touch. 

but for the first time and out of the blue. The starter ( high torque version) whizzed and there was a high pitch graunching noise whilst turning. But appears no engagement to the flywheel.

this happens multiple times and I either bumped started on a slope when rocking in gear didn’t work. 

i have checked and the hi torque starter was fitted in Oct 2016 and no hint of an issue until today.

its the original flywheel and bolt on starter ring. Despite the flywheel being drilled to take the diaphragm clutch.

I have now got the starter out - what a palaver.
since fitting the starter motor I have changed the exhaust and manifold. Guess what the starter wouldn’t come out past the exhaust carbs and steering column nor out the bottom past the exhaust / chassis.

so carbs and manifold off  So it dropped out the bottom.

cut a long story short the broken bits are out of the bell housing via a magnet.


it appears That the cog and starter ring are all good,  but Looks like there should be a retaining ring / circlip Behind the starter cog. 
the shaft flies out but without this clip the cog can move back on the shaft. 

I hope I can get this simple part to fix it. 

of the Broken bits The curved bit looks like it the cog retaining ring. And I think the other pits are what remains of a front retaining collar over the clip ring ?

on to the starter motor people on Monday. 










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You'll be aware, Hamish, the the HiTorque is a 'pre-engaged' starter?    With a servo that throws the cog into egagement wuth the flywheel ring before the motor is connected.    If the retaining ring on the end has broken, I wonder if the servo is misset to throw it too far?

If your starter motor supplier will play, then an exchange might be the best way, let them sort it out?


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That’s not good.  Heard of a number of Hitorque starter failures lately, though mostly to do with solenoid/contacts.

Seems like whereas the OE Nippon Denso units are tough as old boots, the aftermarket ones.... not so much.  

Which make is yours? May be worth contacting the manufacturer/supplier as some seem to be a little bit sensitive and keen to help.  I’d like to think that is just good customer service......

Looks like simple replacement of that ring would fix it. Getting the spring wire retainer might be a bit of a mission though.

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Some of the problems with the HI Torque motors is connected with the way the engine/Starter motor actually start.

If the engine motor starts before the Starter motor (SM) is released then a significant amount of current is reduced in the SM and causes less of problem on the SM solenoid

If the SM is disconnected before the engine motor starts then a large current is disconnected across the SM solenoid.

The effect is to kill the SM solenoid contacts due to massive arcing.



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"induced in the SM", Roger?   Opposing the voltage from the battery, by the starter being driven as a generator, and so reducing the current across the contacts?   I can see that.

But in the other case, surely the contacts are for the large current that a starter draws?   This part of the HiTorque starter is the same design as a separate starter solenoid, and they are usually robust.   Unless, as Nick suggests, aftermarket items are made with inferior materials.


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The people at eurolec / powerlite have been great and sent me a new set of retaining rings and collars for free. 

fitted them today it’s was rather tricky as I didn’t have enough hands despite them highlighting a video on how to. so in good old sideways fashion I made a bracket to hold the pinion down. 

and refitted and it works. 
I did have to remove the exhaust manifold and carbs etc to get the starter out tho so a lot more messing about than it really should have been. 






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