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Puncture eyebrow raiser from Eric O

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Not Netflix.

South Main Auto. I find Eric O very soothing. There’s some interest stuff on his channel amongst all the brake jobs.

Seems that his customer ran over a serious knife which punched through both tyre and rim.

It resonates with me as about 100 years ago my mum ran over a piece of scrap metal taking us to school. Huge clang/bang and instant puncture.  We couldn’t undo the wheel nuts, but we were quite close to a pulp mill and the driver of a logging lorry stopped and helped change the wheel. New tyre and tube required due to a large stab wound right through the shoulder. We always asked for the old tubes to repair for use in the pool, but on investigation this one proved to have a jagged chunk of steel still in it, maybe 150x30x5mm. The rim survived though it had a gouge mark and there was a deep dent in the inner wheel well.  The tube went in the bin- no patch big enough.

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I had similar but perhaps not so dramatic.

About five years ago we were out in the 4A and in the microseconds before the bang I spotted something in the road ahead. Couldn't avoid it.

The lump was an oxygen bottle spanner. They have a cranked end/protrusion on them. I must have hit the crank which caused it to flip up and dig into the side wall of the tyre.

It was a 50 mile old Vredstein no more then 2 hours old.  Aaaarrrggghh.  I still have the spanner (but it is useless to me).





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Ah ha!    I thought you were hooked on one of the new mega serials being run on netflix and the like.   But you don't need a giant piece of sharp metal to puncture a tyre.     I did, on a sliver of offcut I left on the garage floor - I swear it was less than two inches long, but was part of the wall section of some square tube, so sat up when a tyre pressed on it and the sharp end went right in.


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5 hours ago, RogerH said:

It was a 50 mile old Vredstein no more then 2 hours old. 

:( I feel your pain......

Jones’ 5th rule “ it’s always the newest tyre that gets the puncture - especially if it’s an unrepairable one”

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