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4 x TR7 alloy wheels with Yokohama A539 tyres

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Final clearances of Alan OTU's stash......

4 x TR7 5.5 x 13 factory alloy wheels.


3.75"  PCD so will also fit Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire & GT6.  PCD also correct for Dolomite/Toledo (and even Marina), but not sure about offset!

In fair condition, presentable but not mint.  Note that these require sleeve nuts for fitting, which are not included.

Fitted with Yokohama A539 tyres 175/70.  Not entirely clear how old they are, but all have most of their tread left and still seem soft and supple with no sign of cracking/perishing.  Two look virtually unused (from the rear we think), with the others showing some scrubbing on the edges.  Looks like they've maybe done one or two events.


Located near Upton on Severn, Worcestershire.  Collection preferred but may be able to arrange shipping at cost.

£ 250 ono

PM me on the forum or 07909 490294






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Hello Nick

                I have them (I think?)

They are 21.5mm on the plain shank and do not fit the MGF wheels(smaller shank) 

They are 12mm x 1.5mm pitch thread with a captive washer that sits in a groove.

I will post them to who ever buys the wheels

I also have 2 (that I can find) centre aluminium caps which do not fit the MGF wheels so perhaps TR7?

There is also 8 wheel spacers 4 thin, 2 thicker and 2 thick ones for any one that wants them(if interested I will measure them)

While we are on clearing Alans stuff I have the spare 2lt engine that needs to go!

It is a GT6(I think?) HC 54*** HE it is complete with carbs and distributor with tachometer drive

I have no idea what it is like inside but nice and oily on outside!

So if anybody is after one to rebuild make me a sensible offer(collect ONLY!!)

Nick are you still interested in the TR7 gearbox? if not that is up for sale as well(I really need to down size some of this stuff)

Shall I mention 1 Vitesse Steel bonnet and 1 Vitesse fibreglass bonnet and a fiberglass valance that need to go as well?

So if anybody is interested PM me as we do not want a Dutch auction ! just sensible offers!


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Ah ok, thanks. Wondered about that, but the “Ys” in the string were causing doubt.

By the looks they have spent most of their time off the car in a dark place.  Industry guidelines are that tyres are ok for “new” sale up to 6 years old. On Tyre Leader you can often find cheap tyres that significantly discounted due to being “short dated”.

Clearly you need to do a track day or a bit of drifting to use up the aging rubber :tongue:

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YYY.....didn't Tom Jones have some thoughts on this subject?

Durability of modern tyres is a bit worrying. We have 2017  Michelin Cross Climates on the Yeti and they are already showing cracks in the treads and sidewalls.

I have started using tyre covers for the S2000 to try and give some protection (the fronts are fairly new).

Drifting...I do hope you are not suggesting I am some kind of 'Ricer'?


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Yeah..... just evicted a pair of Pirelli P Zeros from the A8 that we’re looking very elderly though only 5 years old. The wacky tread arrangement also made them appear bald though two mot men (including the one tasked with changing them) reckoned they were still legal. The Dunlop’s on the managerial TT are cracking too and they are barely three years old.

These Yokos still look good though

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