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I've looked at various diagrams but haven't found anything definitive that tells me where the steering rack clamp is located and confirmation of it's orientation. The rack mounts to chassis (shows below) and the clamp plate could mount above or below the mounting position. I would assume that they on the underside, but the diagrams are unclear and appear contradictory.

Can anyone confirm the correct location and orientation of these plates?

Thank you in advance.



The clamp plate



Steering Rack mounts on the chassis.



Diagram #1 - showing the plate and orientation (which would have to mount underside)



Diagram #2 - Again shows the plate but note the orientation looks different to the first diagram above.



Diagram #3 - #54 shows the clamp plate, again the orientation different to that in diagram #1 but the same as diagram #2



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An interesting conundrum!

My original Vitesse/GT6 ST Workshop manual show them under the mounting bracket, with the flange downwards and to the middle.

The refitting instructions say (para 7) "Hold the U bolts in position while an assistant slides the plates inwards to abut their flanged face against the chassis frame flange.   Tighten the bolts."

Does that make their position and purpose clear?


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