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Another ask for advice/recommendations :rolleyes:...

Front brakes - so my existing brakes are fairly non-existent which leads to to look at options for any improvement.

From a search I've come across two options:

1. Canley's brake kit: https://www.canleyclassics.com/?product=big-brake-kit

2. Wilwood brake kits:



One concerning item with 2. is the need to machine the hubs by 4mm (for clearance I presume???)

Any experience of either kit and/or other options available in 2020?


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Brakes that are "non-existent" are faulty brakes, not inadequate or poorly designed brakes.   The standard (!) Triumph system is capable of locking up the wheels from almost any speed, when properly maintained.   They do fade, if they have mountain passes or motorsport inflicted on them, but minor changes such as 'hotter' pads or more major such as vented discs will cure that.     

Rather than spend a lot of money on new 'improved' kit, tell about your existing brakes, and maybe we can point you towards ways to get them back to working properly!


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ok you got me, so they are existent (see attached) and I know I can get refurbished ones but since this is required and engineering has moved on in the last 50 years I'm interested to know what options I have available or if anyone has had any success. The originals are also rather heavy :gym:.



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Hmmmmmmmmm!   I see your point!   

The dedicated racer tries to save every gramme, but unless you're racing will even a kilogramme make a difference?   Working Triumph brakes are very good -  I'd review rebuilt originals vs the modern equivalents for cost, as the latter will not function better.

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I looked at up-rating my calipers several years back when I swapped my Spitfire front suspension for bigger salvaged GT6 parts I found on e-bay. Decided to just rebuild the 16’s that came with my salvaged GT6 parts for the experience.  Rebuilding the calipers gave me the option to up-rate the pistons to stainless that you will not get with most purchased rebuilds. The calipers I rebuilt were in bad shape and the rebuild was awful, your brake caliper looks far worse!!!! 

Problem I saw with the Wilwood kits available for GT6 years ago was they used the Powerlite caliper that does not have dust-seals on the pistons. Does not look like anything has changed in kit offerings years later even though Wilwood has come out with several m16 models like the Dynalite that have dust-seals. Would probably have tried the Dynalite but the model was not available in the USA for several years .

Interested if anyone has actually used the Powerlite calipers, and if they do need more than regular cleaning/lubricating with no dust-seals

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I did think about alternatives, but plumped for the std type16 calipers, spaced, and Capri vented discs. Used with NoS asbestos pads, and DS2500 pads, I have never had an issue, even hooning down Stelvio when a certain stag lost all brakes and the grease out his front wheel bearings. 

The alternatives all end up being complex and often requiring faffing about. 

Send yours off for refurb, possibly get them spaced if you intend driving like a hooligan, so you could then use the capri discs. 

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I’m with Clive on this. Not a lot wrong with the Type 16 as a base.

Not sure the Canley big brake set is still available. Anyway, the only set I’ve seen in action was having persistent problems needing rebleeding very few hundred miles which didn’t inspire great confidence.

I would avoid anything that doesn’t have proper external dust/weather gaiters. Unless you restrict yourself to dry weather only you will get issues with corrosion and sticking. This includes ones with a secondary seal in the bore - I know some of the OE Lockheed stuff is like this (T2000,Stag, MGB) - they have lots of problems with sticking pistons too.

Hi-Spec used to do an alloy 4pot Austin Princess copy, but no longer listed on their website - might be worth enquiring......

If you decide to stick with the type 16s, spaced or otherwise, DO NOT buy the temptingly cheap new reproduction. They are crap and will leave you with a long pedal for ever.  Instead, do refurb your originals either using kits from Bigg Red (they do stainless pistons too) or have them do it.

Vitesse currently has spaced type 16Ps with Capri 2.8 vented discs and M1144 pads. These survived a dry weather track day, so better the long standing previous best of standard everything with Ferodo DS2500 pads that I’ve been running for decades.

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