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watching cycling and motor sport

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Spent this evening of catching up, watching recording of cycling, motor GP, BTCC and F1.

The Tour De France (ITV4) cycling is exciting, the tactics, the mountain climbs and the sprints are amazing. No one is much better than anyone else so I hope the drug usage of the past don’t have such an influence on this years race… Still enjoy watching the highlights. Shame there are few UK riders this year..

Motor GP. (Quest) Just amazing complete nutters to drive so fast, so close and with so much respect. The GP3 race was excellent close right  to the end. The main GP race changed lead on the last lab. Very exciting racing and I cant imagine driving a motorbike so fast and so close...

BTCC (ITV4?). Wet race at Oulton park, good close racing don’t understand the weight penalty system, it seems to handicap the racers too much. Good racing but all the cars look the same! Cant tell the difference between a Honda or a Ford…

F1 (Channel 4). Hamilton is amazing probably one of the best drivers ever. Ok he has the best car at the moment but still is astonishing how quick and consistent  he is. Real shame Ferrari has got caught last year with some dodgy fuel flow issues.. This year they are way off the pace, 14 an 15 in the last race great shame but then you should not cheat, or get caught! But basically the racing is boring, I only watch the highlights (I would not pay for it) and even then find myself fast forward winding thru the race.. Shame because Hamilton is in a class of his own but good to see Maclaren coming back and Norris has a lot of talent.

used to enjoy WRC but like so much sport it has became so much more difficult to watch without spending a lot of money on packages.


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Just when I was ready to give up on F1they have an exciting race that will keep me hooked for a while. Imagine if there was no Lewis Hamilton or Mercedes? it would be anybody's game on race day. I thought LH was very humble about accepting his penalty.

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