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Engine build help request . Please..

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Aso, Phil mentions a Perspex plate, which can work, fine and you can make from  any scrap piece.   But the plastic is light and easily lifted off the head face. I prefer a piece of 6mm thick plat

That's a good policy..... but I do have a mower in my garage.  Only the small one though, the big'un lives in it's own shed

Recently had a rebore done there, and supplied pistons at a price I could not match anywhere. Happy with their work. Bit of a trek, but drop-off and collection tied up with other "trips"  I am in

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I've never really understood that, but I suppose forums need to do whatever they can to survive in today's world. As far as I'm concerned any price is worth it to stay off Facebook! Not that I object to FB on a fundamental level, I just think it's catastrophic at the primary function I use forums for: the recording and sharing of information. It's like a library where all the books are arranged in date order of when they were written and no guide to indicate where you should start looking.

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5 hours ago, Spit131 said:

Stupidly I had not picked up on their commercial sponsor . I do dig myself some holes . 
I have now crossed off the offending Flickr link , I’ll see what happens .

I don't want to add to your IT stresses but the Flickr link in your signature doesn't seem to work! Or rather, it logs me in and takes me to my own Flickr camera roll, not yours.

If you select your photostream instead, then there's an arrow icon on right hand side which should yield a shareable link :)


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So it’s all Sideways-technologies fault for lulling me into a false sense of freedom ! :biggrin:

Having been reading several other posts on that site it seems I might have been over worrying , Several others have talked freely about other companies products other than the sponsors . 
I do now appreciate though that one should do the homework needed first to asses the politics of a site before indulging . It’s their baby and you are just a visitor .I have no problem being corrected if I go astray though .
Thanks for the unrestricted side of this site by the way . And , as I think I said before your upload system is very efficient !

I have largely reworked my Flikr content to make it less likely to offend anyway ( another painful process of course ! )

Thanks Pete , I’ll try that . 

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Good morning ,

No progress to report . HC pistons still not arrived .

A week or so ago I thought I would take a look at Triumph/Fiat/Lancia FB forums despite having deleted FB from my phone about a year ago when I could no longer deal with it .

There are a number of related groups but almost all of a lightweight , non tech nature . I posted on around four of them but it has only been a week and I have again resorted to deleting FB off my phone . 
perhaps it is a problem with me , not sure .
I can not remember If it was on one of the only few tech related groups who’s name I can not remember but just before deleting I glimpsed what might have been a very interesting Spitfire build , seemingly UK , that looked to be of very high quality , some very tasteful looking body mods , arches , front spoiler/dams etc . Also I think there might have been an interesting engine swap but had not tracked down the actual thread to confirm . Also not sure if the guy had done it himself or had paid a professional race outfit to perform the work .

It would be good to find out more so if anyone who is not FB phobic has seen this or even better can persuade the guy to start posting on here all the better .

Thank you . M

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7 minutes ago, Spit131 said:

Or do I need to cancel cancellation ? :biggrin:


Re-finding interesting things on facebook is frustrating even when you know which group to look it, so trying to find something someone else has seen on an unknown group is probably a challenge too far!

I'm on about 6 different Triumph group pages, the most useful being the 1300 & 1500 FWD one - niche models which aren't popular on the usual forums. It's just not a useful format for a technical forum, at all. 

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