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GT6 Mk2 Spit Mk3 Rear Stop Lights

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Hi all

Owned a GT6 mk2 for about 17 years, parked on the road most of the time. Getting fed up lately as its the 3rd time in a few months I've had the rear stop light knocked off and broken, each time the o/s. The first was beyond repair the second I supper glued twice.  Got one more spare. I am sure its not malicious, just people cutting through the parked cars.

I've been guilty of catching them in the past as they protrude from the end of the wing. I have seen  people fitting the TR3 type. These have a screw top and bottom, as apposed to the single top screw on the Spit/GT6 version, and fit slightly flusher, so probably less likely to get caught.

I was originally going to buy replacement lenses, as the bases are worn and tarnished but work, but now having second thoughts

Anyone fitted the TR3 rear light fitting to a Spit/Gt6?


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Yes, me too.

A bit more compact and maybe slightly more robust although I fitted them because they look a lot nicer. More rounded too which might reduce chance of them getting caught by someone walking past.

I think the car was originally designed for these lights as they match the line of the rear wing top perfectly.

As fitted to the Le Mans cars...


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