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How do I make my spitfire sound like this one?

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Hi Roger

I'm a fairly decent racing cyclist as well as a car driver and unfortunately my experience of both is that most are exactly the same the world over - and bikers as Nick pointed out earlier.

On a fast winding descent on a bike I will easily out-corner a car, however with my maximum 1 horsepower available for only a few seconds even the most average driver can go faster on the straight bits. Bikes need momentum. If the cyclist is lucky what happens then is we arrive at the corner and the car brakes, forces the cyclist to brake and then powers out. Looks behind and assumes that he went through the corner faster. Same with roundabouts. Always important that the car gets to the bend before the cyclist otherwise how will the cyclist know for certain the driver can't go round corners!

If the cyclist is unlucky what happens is the car gets alongside just on the entry to the corner, cuts in regardless and unless the cyclist is really on the ball takes the bike out. And dead. It really does happen all too frequently unfortunately.

So what the guy on the bike is doing on the single and a half track road is covering himself and his girlfriend on the inside to stop the car driver from trying to pass on the entry to the bend and potentially kill him. It's exactly what I would do and in a couple of seconds the road will open up and the car can get past having held off for just a couple of seconds, that's all.

Unlike if it was a car or a motorbike in front who would do their damnest to stop you getting past for as long as possible. Just because they can.

I am sure you are aware of this and wouldn't do it but that lad doesn't know you from Adam. Racing the bike on the road and velodrome I have crashed at speed many times and even when you don't break anything it hurts and can keep you off the bike for weeks or at my age forever as has happened to a couple of pals who have been taken out by cars.

In the car on descents favoured by cyclists I'll let them go and often slow to let them past. There's always uphill for me. And the same when I'm on the bike always let the car past - when it's safe for me.

Sorry if that sounds like a lecture but we all have to share the road at the end of the day.

And yes you get to$$ers on bikes, just like in cars, lorries and motorbikes. It's just that the ones on bikes rarely kill you. :blink:

On a lighter note. I took the gopro to the velodrome one morning to record a fun/training session.

Colin :teehee:


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If we are sharing noises whilst we can’t get out there for real I thought I’d share my 3 sisters (Wigan) sprint event last year. 
warts and all :blush:. Only second time there and a different track layout to last time.

still on A pair of H6 su‘s

microphone near the exhaust.  


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My very brief contribution to Spitfire noise, enjoying an empty London last month:


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