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The rebuild that goes one step foward two back!

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Total rubbish! Hope you’ve emailed them demanding a refund! A negative attitude (you’ll have to send that back first) might tend to support the theory I’ve seen put forward that they send their c

Hello, Well I might be on the move (Foward I hope) again as my son has machined the pistons (photo). As can be seen from the first couple of photo's (in this post) how the bore ends up after a 77.5mm 

Hello, Rings are on pistons and pistons are on rods but now for the backwars steps, the bearings are wrong (county std. in King tri-metal box ) Thanks for some of Nicks detective work on that as the c

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8 hours ago, Hamish said:

Great pics

those valves are close do they share seats !?

(you can tell I’m no engineer !!)

Not exactly..... but they’ll be damn close in the middle. 

They are pretty close as standard, but those are bigger than standard.

Have they given you a CC value for the chamber with those valves Michael?  Recessed face valves can alter things.....

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Hello, I replied to TRTOM2498EFI but must have pushed the wrong button!  So will try again... The picture is the reason for my short non attendance . Wife's 3A (since '71) used for son no.4's wedding.It bought the bride and 2 flower girls to the cliff top Pacific Ocean wedding site.  The valves are Datsun 200B cut to length 38mm in, 32m ex, with Nissan chmo spring retainers (the engine man that is doing some of the machining got them). Will be back soon with more progress... Regards, Michael

121611073_756007261649435_61138932419201673_n (2).jpg

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1 hour ago, Nick Jones said:

Amen to that.  I think Australia's chances of this are above average.  UK chances well below......

But Italy is even worse!  and going into full lock down again!

I do not think any of Europe is doing very well and 10 to20% of the population think it is not real!!!!!!!

We have pulled up the draw bridge again and have being buying enough food and of course Vino to last at least a month(been doing this for the last 3 months as this is what I expected looking at the (swear word look away if easily offended!) Dick Heads I see driving to other areas so they can drink in a pub!!!!!!

I know Nick you think Boris is a Joke(and maybe you are right?) but all I see is all the ones not in power slanging them off but not giving a complete plan?

Still what do I know ?




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Hello, Will be altering the home made airbox to fit some ram tubes inside and the 3"flexible tube at the front goes to a K&N filter beside the radiator.  The manifold is a later model modified one.  The rocker cover (and PI motor) will be changed for the originals. If that does not work than the fuel injection will be tried. Regards, Michael.    


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Hello, The wheel selection, Original wheel, original hub cap (which I am trying to locate a set of),Minilite (which I was dis-appointed with after wanting a set for as long as I can remember,so sold them to my brother for his TR4A),Compomotive (that a son has loaned me to use on the road, off his Datsun 1600) BBS 6.5x15 (they are sooo light, came off a racing MGA coupe). regards, Michael. 






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