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Houston we have a problem ...

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Not been here for a while but when clever engineers resort to card games - you know the isolation fatigue is setting in. Here is a different sort of game: It's called Project Apollo 13 ! Imagine you are brilliant engineers siting in a distant command & control centre and the mission depends on your resourcefulness and ability to motivate and explain....Think of it a little like Houston talking to a stricken luna module... except this mission dwells in three garages and a cottage in tranquil and serene Borrowdale

This is a project I barely know where to start with... I've an ex Jigsaw 1300 engine that's circa 6 years old but never been fitted in a car. I bought it with twin DCOE 40 Webers and should really be using this time to check it over & run in the engine. Lack of a test rig, insufficient experience & lack of confidence are holding me back .... but if anyone were able to sell or lend me an engine hoist, and a test rig frame you'd all be able to chip in on a daily basis guiding me through the does & don'ts of commissioning an engine. There are several bits missing like the throttle linkages but acquiring the bits and building the rig and moving, step by deliberate ( & tentative step ) towards a first fire up could all be part of the fun... not to mention the incomprehension and general cack handedness & inevitable mistakes along the way.

What do you think - can the collective Sideways Mind - steer the stricken mission to a successful re-entry? 



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Here’s one to aim to improve on

Just strapped to a lump of wood to stop it falling over, fuel pipe dipped in a can, hot wired and strictly time-limited by having no cooling system.

Definitely not the way to treat an engine that has not run since it was built!

Was yours supplied preserved for storage or in a ready-to-fit state?  Are you planning to fit it in a car any time soon?

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You're at one site, with engine, and car at another, so you can't fit one t'other?

As Nick shows above, you can run the engine briefly with none of its usual support.   Longer, as you realise, needs a rig.    Can you weld where you are?    My engine rig is just a frame, a 'wire-frame' cube of 20mm square tube.     I purposely wired it to run off a modern via a set of jump leads, so I didn't have to mount a battery on it, but you would need a radiator and an electric  rad fan.   My local scrappers were most obliging and a Transit van gave up its parts, but it needs to be plumbed in


In Borrowdale you might get away with running it sans silencer, for a while at least!

The only real function for the upper thrid of the 'cube' is to supprt the control panel, which is a luxury.    Cooling and a fuel tank could be supported on just a base platform, but arrange for a set of wheels, on castors, that have brakes, or it will 'walk' across the floor!

And ideal lockdown project , seems to me!   Good luck!


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On 4/29/2020 at 7:12 PM, Greta said:


Looks like it's already strapped down, you're practically there!

Greta (Nuala?) - if it were me I would do something reckless like Nick in the first place; if I got it to strike up for a few seconds then I'd feel happy to spend a few days thinking about plumbing. Getting a radiator and hoses fixed somewhere is going to be more of a headache than bolting on the other ancillaries. 

Presumably you've got carbs, exhaust manifold, dizzy, starter motor..? 


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