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Monte Classique >>> Monte Historique  - several of you will know my enthusiasm for driving Triumphs far exceeds my technical abilities to maintain them - and so it is a quandary how I would progress from doing a mere tour to giving the Full Monte a spirited go!    How far does your love of spannering take you? Is it from the kitchen kettle to the back of the workshop - but not much further? I know some of you do circuits but the number of these events seem fewer than before.... Would any of you consider trundling around in a van - half lost in France with the aim of keeping my Spitfire or GT6 Road Rally car on the road long enough to once again reach Monte Carlo?   I'd love to do the Monte Historique but realise that without a decent service crew I'd probably not get very far. So - you guys have been a great help with several problems - what does the team think? I might be able to cover expenses but couldn't afford to pay!.. Anyway - if nothing else I hope this sparks a little debate and gets you to ask yourself would such a thing be fun!

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1 hour ago, zetecspit said:

When would it be? Just thinking....


Here is the link to the event info from this years edition.

By tradition it begins a week after the WRC Monte Carlo Rally season opener. This year we departed Glasgow on January 29th - and I think the Historique finished in Monaco on the evening of 3rd of January. There's plenty of footage on Youtube and blogs etc to read via FB and the like. Only Three Triumphs entered in 2020 - both the GT6 & TR3 finished but sadly the UK crew in a replica Triumph 2000 failed 3/4 through with a blown engine.

The french form of regularity rallying is a little difficult to understand - it would seem that on many sections unless you have a very powerful car one is always going to be running behind the clock - in which case having the reliability to just finish would be the first objective - while maintaining in touch with cars in one's own class would bring added honours.

I'm hoping Dale will print the account of our adventure on The Monte Classique in the forth coming edition of Club Torque.

Monte Classique 2020 - Glasgow start.jpg

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