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Gearknob restoration

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How to put back the white highlighting in the gate diagram on a gearknob?

One that is much worse than this example!

Image result for original Triumph gearknob

My ideas:  Clean the grooves out and spray with white paint (any particular type?), then  rub down the knob to remove the over-spray and leave the groove paint.     This may leave the knob with a dull finish, so spray that with lacquer?  (Again, any type?)   If it's going to be lacquered, would, say, 'SnoPaque', good old typescript correcting fluid, or white high-build primer fill the grooves better?    If they are filled then they will attract less dirt.

Anyone done this, or have a better technique?


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I would ensure the grooves are well defined.  Paint the lines with 'Humbrol' gloss white enamel (model aircraft paint), then wipe the excess off with a cloth dampened (not wet) with thinners.

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I tried this some years ago and discovered that the wear on the inside loops of the R, 2, 3 and 4 made it almost impossible to get any decent definition - it ended up looking like a certain well-known Spanish church icon restoration.

I then started looking at getting the script re-engraved and quickly realised that a fiver for a new one made much more sense.

Sorry to be so... defeatist.


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OH!   I received an excellent solution, "in another place".

Use "Sugru" Mouldable Glue.  https://sugru.com/

Comes in any colour you might like, including white, clean out the old grooves, knead some Sugru into them, leave it to set.

Not cheap, a pack of three small sachets is £8, but it does the job beautifully!



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