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Looking for EV14 Standard size Injector with USAC plug

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Trying to fit EV14 style injector into recently purchased Borla DCOE throttle body that appears it be designed around EV1 style injectors!

EV14 long injectors are a few millimeters too short, so I'm looking for EV14 standard size in the 150-200 cc/min range with USCAR wiring port that I can put a 14mm top extender bung that will be welded into the fuel rail.

Does anyone have a decent reference chart or website on the newer 280158*** style injectors?

I can find several sites with decent references on EV1 and EV6 injectors but not EV14.

Two injectors model numbers I have found so far are 280158017 and 280158022 that have older Jetronic plugs, but have a 154 cc/min fuel rate in the range I'm looking for, and a decent $20-$25 USA dollar cost.

Spitfire 2960cc motor.

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