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So I took it back apart.

Installed the top plate and new spring rubber. Made my own from leaf spring lying around. 

Tightened all up, jacked up each end of the wheel ends. Till the load of the car was on the spring. Tightened everything up. Both side. Torqued down the wheel adapters, installed wheels. 

Aired up the tires to same all around. 32 psi. 

Bounced and rolled the car.. what a difference, the car is sitting level. Also the wheels are at basically 0 camber.

I'm hoping that the wheels and suspension settles just a but more. Give me 1 or 2 negative. Either way happy with that. Might install a 1/2 block later just to give a bit more negative camber to it. Or a 1/4 block if need be. 

Thanks for the input on the suspension tightening. 

The car sits very nice now as for height. The stance is perfect. With a ton of room in the wheel wells for the 17s to move around. Now I need to rebuild the frt end with all new bushings.. need to order some stuff soon. Spring is near!!! 

Need to get the new seats in... have to get them first. The half cage, electronic ignition,  toolset on the engine and timing. After I torque the head down. As it was jus done. Time for the retorque. Oil change, plugs, finish the frt bumper.. which I'll post when done. It's a nice look!! Prob a few other things before the snows gone.. 

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Looking good.

One thought..... though they may look good, huge wheels and low profile tyres tend not to give the nicest driving experience on these cars.  Not enough sidewall flex to allow for the camber change.

15” with 60 section is the upper limit IMO. Prefer 13” with 70 section. Keeps things predictable. Easier on the spine and teeth too :smile:

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Ya. I thought the same. I actually drove it for abit today. Got the frt done and interior in. Some minor stuff to do now. 

The ride wasn't that bad, at all. Took the bumps rather well. Once all done and ready for every day use. I'll see for sure. 

I am using adapters, so easy to switch back to the 13s if needed. I would rather deep 13s but cant find any used ones. New I am not spending the money on them right now. So these will do. I might see about 14s or 15s with higher profile tires. But for now I'm going to use these, see how it goes. Right now I'm happy how they worked on the car. 

Yes, I love, love this look. Restomod look. :)


here's some other pics before my drive.


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