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As a very newbe who should have been here years ago happy new year/decade. Just about to put a 2l mk2 head onto a Vitesse mk1 block, just for fun road use. I can recall reading somewhere on here that Newman cams will grind a fresh blank but not sure which profile to go for. Namely original mk2 gt6 style or TR5 or have them grind a special? Should say it's a carb head with hopefully a flowed exhaust driving a single rail j type of. Any thoughts or advice greatfully taken. Cheers J

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Hi John, and welcome.

Presumably your mk 1 block has been drilled out and retapped for the bigger head studs?

Re the cam, it does depend on what you will use the car for and what carbs you aim to use.  For general road use with the standard 150 cd carbs, the standard mk2 Vitesse grind takes a bit of beating and will not be the limiting factor in the engine. You can get these from Chis Witor who also does a version with more lift on the inlet, which is reported to be very effective. You could also choose Newman’s PH1 grind with slightly shorter timing but more lift.  

For if more power is wanted then the options open up but you’ll need flow work on the head and bigger carbs to get the best from it

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Thanks Nick, yes block will have larger studs fitted (probably ARP head bolts/studs). Just taking the head to pieces and it looks as though it might have already had some work done to it on the inlets as I can't see any evidence of casting miss alignment, it all looks very smooth behind the valve seats!

Will post some pics when I get it stripped down further and cleaned up

cheers J

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