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Herald 13/60 Conversion to Twin HS2's

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Good day gents,

As part of the upgrades to the Herald Estate I am looking after, the single strommie is going to be replaced with a pair of SU HS2's. 

The carbs are now well travelled, they came from the States, and have travelled with me to Singapore, then Malaysia, back to the States and fingers crossed back home next week.

All this travelling has given me the time to clean and overhaul the carbs.

Which leads me to my question. Which needles does the collective hive mind of Sideways suggest? Car/Engine is completely standard. I have tried Google, but there seems to be very little info available on these carbs.

Many thanks,


PS - I think the Ultrasonic Tank might have been a little bit overkill lol





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I’d start with the standard Spit mkiv needles. Don’t think they’ll be way off.

Not sure you’ll notice much performance different unless the existing Stromberg is badly knackered.  You’d probably do better with a single HIF4 on the Herald manifold or, better, the Dolomite/Toledo log manifold. But having lavished such love on the twins, you don’t want to hear that......:tongue:

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I'm thinking possibly slightly more sprightly at the top end, but yeah, not really expecting much gains myself.

However, the car is not mine, and this is what the owners are wanting, hence going down this route. To be fair, all this is costing them is postage for the carbs (which was not too bad, as they only had to travel across the states), a polishing kit, refurb kit and some needles!

I'll start with the MkIV needles then, see how it goes.



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