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Windscreen Rubber Question

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I've got a GT6mk2 with a rather rusty windscreen frame. There is a rubber seal under the screen which looks to have helped with the rot and IMO looks a bit naff. I understand that this could be some anti-vibration mechanism but I also see the design changed on the GT6mk3 and later spitfires. I am considering doing away with the rubber seal and effectively bond the frame to scuttle where the wipers mount as I repair it. Any thoughts would be appreciated?


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Hi Dave,

How old is the car and the screen frame. So if it was resurrected to good condition it will last another 40 or 50 years.

Put it back to standard.

Sort out the rusted frame. This could be a  big job as they do rust at the outer lower corners. Common on the TR4 - 6.

Make sure any drainage holes in the frame are clear. After the repair fill the frame with A quality primer (Bondarust etc), let it dry and then do the same with paint.

The rubber seal should stop leaks into the cabin if fitted reasonably well.


Why reinvent the wheel!!



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