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My friend Pete has just been down. And he has a diff or 2 to build, but cant get hold of the dished thrust washers.

They must be available somewhere, as all the recon diffs must have them fitted. So does anybody know a source. A bit of google time has not helped :sad: Rimmers and Moss list them all. As not available. Which is not helpful.

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You may be right. Many diffs seem to have them missing, and I guess you fit whatever you can get... 

Pete gets on well with MP, he may save it for Stoneleigh.


Cheers chaps.


Now on with my search for decent TR7 engine parts....

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11 minutes ago, Nick Jones said:

That's clever...... never tried anything like that.  How do they hold up?

The plated washers reduced the backlash to zero.  Copper is  softer than bronze, so i expect that they could wear a little faster than originals.  OTOH, my washers appeared to have all of the wear on the gear side.  Since I plated both sides, even if all the new copper eventually wears away from the gear side, they will still be thicker than i found them.

To answer your question, the car restoration is still a work in progress, so no road time on the diff yet.



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