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Static Wheel Balancer

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After having great success with a walk around tyre remover purchased a few years ago, removing and refitting many tyres, I have considered buying a static wheel balancer. I am trying to locate the source of a slight whirring noise discussed in my project thread, and need to rule out wheel balancing as the cause.

I guessed it would cost around £10 per wheel, and that seems the going rate. I've got a few cars, a van plus trailer so thought it would pay for itself and went ahead and bought a static wheel balancer, plus some weights.

I remember an old neighbour used to balance his own wheels, and as a kid I remember this type of balancer being used in a local tyre place. I know they have limitations, but know they can work.

The one I bought is sold as a Neilsen product, but most I've seen all look pretty much the same.

I set it up today and straight away thought there could be a problem with the strength of the springs, against the relatively light weight of a 13 inch steel wheel, let alone the alloys I intended to balance.

The wheel needs to compress the springs enough so that the hole in the wheel centres itself on the cone.  In this instance the wheel/tyre combination is nowhere near heavy enough to seat the wheel correctly.

First thought is to try and find some softer springs which compress enough to centre the wheel on the cone, but also strong enough to support the wheel squarely and stop it from tilting.

Any simple solutions you can think of?  



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I have one just like it.

I press the shell down to centre it, and gently let it back up so it doesn't move about. Seems to work ok. But static balancers are never as good as dynamic types.

The bulls eye level has seized on mine, but I have got the hang of keeping the wheel from rotating. 

On many wheels, using the coloured dots to get the tyre in the correct position they don't need weights at all. 


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